The Good TV Thread


I don’t think ya mentioned that on the weather thread.


So did yis go to the cinema to watch this in the 80’s and end up practicing a crane kick on yer younger brother and then getting the head slapped of ya by yer oul lad for busting yer little little brothers nose? Anyone?


Saw this advertised and just went no…it’s like when they made that karate kid film with Will Smith’s kid .


A bit of nostalgia on tonight for all of you Liverpool, Forest and Villa fans…

I can’t imagine great players like Souness or Dalglish or John McGovern doing Nivea men care products adds.


Met an old Notts Forest fan over from England the other day, first thing that came into my head, I asked “how’s Tony Woodcock?” She slapped me on the cheek


WAtched a film last night called Ingrid goes west. Have to say l was very entertaining. Aubrey plaza is one fine looking lassie - very good in safety not guaranteed.


Have to say I love to watch BBC Question Time when possible. Watching Dimbleby saying bollox about 10 times tonight was great - he was like a naughty schoolboy.

The show was from Liverpool and some of the crowd were obviously bussed in - hopefully they weren’t attacked. Some good debate but it was hard to make out the comments from the audience because of the scarves covering their faces.


Thought you didn’t like that sort of thing?


You’re for it now … :flushed:


Not you with this doomsday stuff as well…:hushed:


Nah you changed someone’s post. Doesn’t go down well with the pedants …


I didn’t change anyone’s post, the post is still there exactly as it was. Not that you’d be below some humour and the occasionally bit of banter yourself the odd time.


I have no issues with it


Well, well, well…why not then?? :thinking: I take issue with you not having issue.


Jaysus … good night. This place is fcuking mental sometimes … :roll_eyes:


That was a joke.


Anybody watching the new series of Roseanne ?
Was a bit skeptical of it starting out . The first episode was riddled with Trump jokes , Jackie is anti trump . There is a transgender child & even a black granddaughter . They are literally ticking all the boxes to cover all the social issues today & try and be all inclusive in regards to gender & race .
Have to say though , I’m enjoying it . I’ll always prefer the original but im going to give it a chance !


The walking dead is so shit its nearly unwatchable ,only watched last episodes of series 8 because i have watched whole series from the start.
starting to watch a series called "the terror " it has ciaran hinds in it
The crews aboard the Royal Navy’s polar explorer ships HMS Erebus and HMS Terror venture into uncharted territory seeking the Northwest Passage. The ships are soon stuck, frozen and isolated, and those aboard must survive the harsh weather conditions and each other, while being stalked by an elusive menace.


TWD has seriously lost its way, very obvious budgets have been cut. It’s so bad at times I pray the mitchel brothers make an appearance to take out negan. I am negan, Yeah who gives a ■■■■. I’ll wstch this seasons FTWD and see how it goes.


Documentary on BBC last 2 nights about Stephen Lawrence was excellent.
Well worth a watch.