The Good TV Thread


Like this one too


about to post that! love that photo. Whealo flattened him.


And no expenses. Ah bollox! Sure he was probably trying understand what Damien English was trying to say. HE talks like the Tipperary fella Mattie McGrath on speed.


For what?

(Apart from being a Blueshirt obviously. :wink: )


Getting his “cuir isteach” where he shouldn’t be.


I think he looks slim.

**Sucks in tummy, goes blue, breaths out again.


Watched it in end …enjoyed it :laughing:


Was it good? Had shit to do and missed it


Roughage bud!


Yeah , actually was . Thought they were very sympathetic to him throughout though .


Played against Clann na nGael a couple of years ago. Gerraghty had a black eye going into the game, I’d imagine it’s a regular occurence.


Cool! I’ll catch up on it… Even though he was a headbanger he was some footballer.


Didn’t seem like the brightest but I’d forgotten some of the scores he got , I remember now why I feared him when he was in the team .


Superb footballer. The sort who always got the score when his team really needed it, and when his team declined, he carried the whole forward line at least.


Housebound and flicking channels … came across that O’Connor tool on LLS. I will NEVER stay in on a Friday night again … EVER. Fcukin sanctimonious self serving mutual w’fest … Licence fee taken under false pretences .,


Tubbers or O’Connor?




That young offenders is very funny. Hilary Rose is brilliant in it.


Not sure if it was mentioned elsewhere but Icaurus is fascinating.


Seems such a waste to confine the following to just one thread, so

KERRY 0-11