The Good TV Thread


My IPTV service has it on it. Probably could download it.


Which one ya got , I was wrong in saying I had 7 days , think it’s only 3 and the TV catch-up folders are empty :sweat:


Raging Bull just started on Sky Cinema Greats …sorted


Will yiz watch everyones favourite Meath Man tonight?


Fxxk him , twat.


He came around canvassing in 2007 in my estate. Broke my shite laughing when he knocked on the door as I had on a Dublin Gaa t-shirt … just laughed and handed me a leaflet. He has a bad rep in Navan.


I believe he has had some misdemeanors in the past …


Yup. He gets a lot of stick, I’ve heard meath fans ■■■■ him from a height at games.


No denying he was a fine player & tormented us in the past but he was a prick of the highest order , just like that prick Ollie Murphy climbing the railings of the Hill , never forgot that .


Ollie wouldn’t be climbing much rails now if ya saw him.


Carrying abit of extra timber is he ?


Last time I saw him he was, that was a few years ago.



Well if someone watches , post up a review tonight !


He wouldn’t be skinning Peader Andrews now! :slight_smile:


The only thing he’d skin now would be a pig’s belly for the crackling.




This is my favourite pic of Geraghty


Is that where he had just visited our jokes thread?


It’s when he saw his election result…