The Good TV Thread


Just did a quick wiki , think I’ll give that book a miss…


That would certainly be my understanding of it. Probably can be traced back as being retaliation against the Ottoman Empire - not that anything can defend what was going on in the Balkans 20-28 years ago…


I read quite a few books about the Balkans as I was trying to get a better understanding of the reasons behind the war & politics post-Yugoslavia, but what went on there in WW2 was shocking.


As if the gas chambers weren’t bad enough . Just reading a few instances of what happened there would keep you up at night .


I did read another book on Balkans history going back to ottoman times- I got it from Ballymun library- can t remember the title or author- but its seriously difficult trying to get to grips with it. Amount of various ethnic and religious conflicts makes norn iron look straight forward. Strange part of the world really .


Started re-watching the walking dead from season 1 last week. Just finished season 2. Probably the best season of them all I reckon. I’ll probably say that after season 3 too though.


I’ve been forced to watch The Crown the last two days . I’m not usually into this period stuff but it has actually been ok . John Lithgow very good as Winston Churchill. Matt Smith as Philip plays the part very well , exactly how I’d think Philip to be or as he’s portrayed in the media now adays .


Excellent show and brilliantly acted. Like yourself I wouldn’t usually be interested in period stuff, but I like this. A reliable friend recommended it, so I gave it a shot. Halfway through season 2 now. Really enjoying it. Great insight into the royal family if, like me, you have no real interest in them. And I think it covers the British political scene well.


“Save Me” on Sky Atlantic

2 episodes in and it’s absolutely superb

It’s on demand too


On the list to watch big fan off Stephen graham. Fantastic actor along with Lenny James.


Agreed, watched 2 episodes last night. Brilliant


Watching a lot Frasier recently, since John Mahoney died.

Still sharp as f*ck.


On the list also.

Watching American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace

Quite good. 1st season about OJ Simpson was very good.


I’d say that’s very stylish…


4 episodes in and still very good. Sky Atlantic do some very good shows


Where are you watching this? It’s not on Netflix?


It started on BBC last week


As @Maxi88 said it started on BBC last week but it is 6 episodes in in the States, watching it from there.


anyone mentions the Big Bang theory and you’re Banned!


Arghh, BBC dont do catch up. How are you watching it from the US? Using an proxy or any particular site?