The Good TV Thread


Was telling the missus about that, her reply - ‘In real life?’ :rofl:


Anyone watch that Bright film with will smith?


On (stubborn) advice of my sister, I am watching the Crown on Netflix presently. It’s very addictive. I have no time for the British royal family, none at all, but this is a fantastic show!


Sell out, they wailed.


Repeat of the Late Late Show’s Dubliners 25th anniversary special last night was top notch :ok_hand:


One of the great shows. The Sharon Shannon one was another.


It’s compelling stuff, Churchill’s character in the first series was brilliant. Overall it seems like a great insight, wehn one can see past one’s inevitable prejudice. But it’s not for the short of attention span!


Yeah, don’t waste your time. It’s pretty weak.


I watched it. Ah feck it I have watched worse. Very like alien nation except for the magical shit.


O only watched it a few years ago - great stuff, some of the best tv ever.

Watched the sinner on Netflix over the holidays, not bad.


Any Dectorists fans in the house?

Not many bells & whistles to shout about, but lovely telly all the same.


Haven’t watched it proud.

Annoying things on tv these days:

That comedy show with the nerds, Sheldon and those lads, is on 24/7 and is about as funny as smallpox

That “naked attraction” program seems to be on every night as well, mickeys and vaginas all over the gaff what the actual ■■■■.


The London fireworks display was simply awesome and gets better every year. Dublin should just throw up a few large screens and show it here - save a fortune! The show with Niles, Ralph & the Chic crew was damn good too.


I wonder how secure it is? It’s no longer a free event and tickets are limited.


Personally thought the display and concert on RTÉ at 12 bells NYE was rather good this year


McMafia - hmmm I’m enjoying this first episode.


These days? That Big Bang Theory has been the most annoying piece of crap on tv for about 10 years. Thing is, given a different treatment the raw material was there for something really sharp and funny. Instead it’s just Friends.for nerds.
I’ve enjoyed Suits, and The L Word is surprisingly not the worst.


Next James Bond there I reckon…


Yeah he would make a decent bond all right. I enjoyed that 1st episode.


I watched the first three episodes last night - quite good, indeed.