The Gooch hanging around?


Jaysus, the tribute they did before the game made me feel sick. You’d swear the guy died. ‘Thanks for the memories Colm’ Will you ever go and shite!


He was some player in fairness. However reckon Brogan was/is better. Brolly is right. The amount of times he didnt show up when pressure was on


Super player but that was nauseating, as you say you’d swear he died.


Joe Brolly on the coverage of Gooch’s retirement: it’s like Lady Di.


It’s not Cooper’s fault though, it is just the way things are now with people looking for everything to be hyped out of all proportion. I don’t think Brolly has to go the opposite way either though - sometimes you just don’t have to say anything…


He doesn’t make it easy to agree with him.

I think the point he’s trying to make is the tendency to ignore faults and/or shout down those who point them out in somebody who has died. Or in this case retired.


This thread sure is hanging around. It was neither a great or really skillful discussion. I think we should have a statue of Gooch at Croker


I think the issue for me is that anyone considered to not follow the popular line is seen as somehow insulting the fella. I can fully understand the Lady Di comparisons. Private Eye made some reference to Diana after her death that was not fawning in nature and they were roundly condemned - I recall Ian Hislop referring to the volte-face that there had been in the British public opinion towards Diana. I see echoes here.

I recall Gooch being discussed on the pages of this forum a few years ago when there appeared to be, at that time, an effort to portray him as the greatest gaelic footballer ever. The influence of the Kerry media often gets referenced here, and that was one time I had sympathy with that viewpoint.

Gooch is not the greatest footballer that I have ever seen, and indeed is not the greatest forward that I have ever seen. However he was top class and would be in the running for the greatest fifteen I have seen.

Brolly has asked the question about instances of matches where Gooch has taken the game by the scruff of the neck and turned it around. The question relates to what I would define as genuine greatness. Players in that bracket, and who have answered Brolly’s question in the affirmative (in my opinion) would include Connolly, MDMA, Philly McMahon, Alan Brogan, the O’Ses, Donaghy, Cavanagh, Joyce, Donnellan, McGeeney etc.

I’m not saying Gooch hasn’t, but would be interested to see the matches detailed.


Definitely there is too much fawning about the whole thing, once you get to some sort of iconic status it is portrayed as a crime to question it. But… Cooper is only a footballer, he never made any great claims about himself, and I think every now and then it is ok to just let things go. He has family that doesn’t need to be reading negatives about him on his big day. There are no great ramifications for society here to just let one footballer have his day.

On his ability to influence big games, I think that is just asking too much. The guy was just too light to be able to take a gaelic football game by the scruff of the neck and control it. There is a huge amount of physicality in football, and unless you have it, you are just always going to be missing a big ingredient. But, he was brilliant, and a joy to watch etc. I don’t think everything has to be ranked and categorised - the guy was brilliant, that is enough really.


Read elsewhere that apparently Der Bomber Liston said The Gooch was Federer,Messi and Ruby Walsh rolled into one…


He forgot to mention Padre Pio. He was that good he defied the laws of physics and was able to be in two places at once.


Joining TSG panel. The Guardian’s of the game have been so underrepresented on the panel for years…


No doubt he won’t be replacing a fellow Yerraman.


No surprises there. Another guardian to keep the flame burning brightly.


Phew…thank God. Great news. Coz Kerry men are SO underrepresented on the Sunday Game panels.


Personally I love it…the squirming they do after having to praise the dubs is delightful


Oh, good point. Every cloud etc etc…


Wonder if Gooch has it written into his contract that he wants Brolly on the panel so they can discuss how he lacked a ‘warrior personality’ as a Kerry player


Beavis and Butthead .


Gooch joining should surely signal the retirement of Pat ‘Intinsitee’ Spillane. Natural order of things, one Kerry legend replaces another Kerry bellend. In the interest of balance you couldn’t have them and TOS? Cheerio Pat!