The Gooch hanging around?


But Gooch retiring is a tragic event.


Well, playing along with a special round of applause in the 13th minute and then springing him from the bench would really be taking gamesmanship to a new dimension! In my opinion, and it’s one of seven billion so I try not to attach too much importance to it, all this special clapping in the middle of a match is complete nonsense. He got a round of applause every time he did something good on the pitch and he got a rake of medals. Presumably he will also amble into a well-paid job as a pundit. Reward enough. Let’s just watch the game.


So you won’t take part in it then ??


They are bringing out a new newspaper just accommodate him. The National Treasure.


Please tell me this applause, or notice of it happening, is a wind up?


Think it’s happening. Feck it will be over in a minute. Don’t mind doing it fir gooch.


I see on another Dublin site they are advocating raising your arms in the air if you don’t want the clap … I mean don’t want to clap. Wash the pits before so …


Absolutely cloud-cuckoo-land. He hasn’t died. It’s an insult to when such applauses/moment’s silences take place.


Maybe it would be more appropriate to roll up a programme and wave it in the air? That seems to be the done thing back wesht.


Or throw them on the pitch like the Kerry fans did after the semi last year … :joy:


A goal for Dublin in the 13th minute would also be a fitting tribute. By Kev Mc, of course. Preferably with a double hop and way too many steps.


Thats the only way to deal with them !


Followed by an over the black spot point from a 45 by Clucko. I can’t believe this minutes applause is not a joke?


And a point on the run by Connolly off his left near the sideline with a nice fist pump to follow :slight_smile:


Of course it is

Happy Friday :fishing_pole_and_fish::fishing_pole_and_fish::fishing_pole_and_fish:


Some classic wumming on the kerry site by al ., locals swallowed it hook line and sinker ,at least hope it was wind up !!!


Maybe the Dublin County Board should organise a presentation at half-time on Sunday to mark the occasion of the retirement of the “Greatest Ever” … They could ask Philly to do the honours as he heads off for his half-time cuppa :laughing: :laughing:

Now I wonder what Philly should present to him … any ideas?

Maybe a signed version of this?


You sir, are mistaken. I have no friends. No utility in them, as useless as porridge flakes that have not been steeped in milk and molasses overnight.


I whole heartily endorse this stratagem. You should contact Vince McMahon in the Creative team in the WWGAA