The Gooch hanging around?


A truly sad day in the craiceáilte Republic. The animal kingdom in mourning and all them cork fuckers offer is a 12 page special.


They better give Stevo the same adulation when he hangs up his gloves , Cooper a great player , Stevo changed the way the game is played :joy:


+1 : I know the hype about him was ott at times but he was a fantastic player. Will be missed.


Day three after the announcement that shook the GAA world and left a generation in mourning. After a quick skoot through all the online media outlets, blogs and general bluffer sites, JJF has determined we are nearly there till the eulogy is over. As each former Kerry ‘great’ pens their heart warming tribute in order to ‘out grief’ the previous article of another former Kerry ‘great’ its only a matter of time before we get through them. I determine in order of magnitude cost estimate about 6 months till the mourning is over. Just waiting now on the selectors involved with cooper over the years to release statements.


I don’t think we’ll ever be over Macho Grande, JJF.


I read the Eoin ‘I Fear’ Liston effort superbly drafted by the Indo sports desk intern. Liston is gutted we’ll never see the likes of gooch again, a gaa messi, only short of saying using this great Kerry ‘hurt’ against the dubs on Sunday.

So I wonder which media outlet will get the gooch? At this stage we are running outta papers and TVs programs.


We will in our brown.


Bet he’s on the Tubs show on Friday night. Enjoy.:sob:


And he gets an all star.


He’ll go down as one of the best forwards ever.

And he seemed a genuinely nice person. I saw him at a school function when he was with the bank.

Any player who gives that amount of service to their county deserves huge credit.

It’s no wonder Kerry fans are in the blues. They might never see his likes for a long time.

I just don’t get the criticism here.


Have to agree with all of that.

Have stayed out of this thread deliberately until now.

The criticism of him is absolutely unreal.

A gem of the game who should be cherished by all.

Some of the whataboutery is gas.

I’m not looking for my sporting heroes to be saints.


Because Alan folk are allowed to have their opinions good or bad, like asrseholes everyone has one. Don’t mind the player and yes he is/was a serious talent (Id still fear the sight of him in a kerry jersey if he was playing on Sunday). And he is not above criticism or to have an opinion on him which seems instant death if one dares to do that. My only gripe is the OTT written across the board. But I have a gripe anyway with the amount of Kerry contributors in the national media to GAA, like Dealz shops they are on nearly every corner. But as someone pointed out he has retired not died. But good luck to him and he hope he enjoys his time with his club, which seems to mean an awful lot to him.


I’m not denying anyone an opinion.

But some of the stuff here is off the wall.


Fair enough! Well at lease we can look forward to a book!


Is Off the Wall not an album …


You don’t stop till ya get enough do ya Dub09?


Hoping for a thriller on Sunday


Kerry Co Board have confirmed the minutes applause during the 13th minute on Sunday


I hope the 35,000 Dublin fans are quiet so that we can hear the three car loads clapping away to their hearts content …


For the love of God :upside_down_face:

Think in the 9th minute we should do round of applause for Brian Mullins - just like to get ahead of them :sweat_smile:

This is beyond ridiculous assuming true.