The Gooch hanging around?


yeah and its rarely mentioned. Masterclass from Cian.


Ger Brennan’s bounce back in the final against Mayo after that performance against Kerry was remarkable also. Loved his point off his right foot in the second half.


Super point and great character from Ger.


I think Colin Cooper also managed to keep his man scoreless in seven out of 8 All-Ireland finals. Some feat.


I’d question some of the plaudits handed out to the Kerry teams he was involved with but not to the player himself. One of the greats and the best inside forward I’ve ever watched.


The stat above re who they didn’t beat in finals is revealing.

Or to put it another way, beating those Mayo and Cork teams, perennial underachievers, and a Donegal team that was spent after walloping us in the semi, presents it in a different light.

Anyhow a discussion for another day. Cooper rightly deserves to be regarded as a top player.


Fantastic player, always a joy to watch.


Radio news referring to Gooch as Dublin’s nemesis??? Hardly …


They seem to forget he didn’t win that game in 2013. Granted he was instrumental when they battered us in 09, and when we ran them close in 07, but would imagine he lost more championship games to us than he won?


Yup - Cork or Mayo nemesis maybe but if anything our anti-nemesis since 2009 …


@_TL yep, won 3 (04, 07, 09) and lost 4 (11, 13, 15 and 16)


Great player but I always felt he was lauded too much, often mentioned as the best of all time which I feel is talking him up too much.
Was a talisman for the KOTF but like others I felt he moaned too much and got far more protection from refs than many other quality players.
Will still miss him on the pitch.



Very good footballer but he wasn’t shy about mouthing and running to the referee every time he got a bit of a belt looking for a free.


Presume by now the Indo, Irish times , RTÉ, EirSport and O Se brothers Sports Media have already take him up for national punditry :wink:


would say billy the barman is clutching his comfort blanket rocking back and forth while he writes his pile of shite for the kerryman/indo


Personally, I’d rate Mike Sheehy, John Egan and Matt Connor better than him.


Lads I’m going for a kip, when the wood hitting, wax lyrical and mass hysteria is over about the retirement of gooch and the copy and paste copy of the greatest player of his generation or indeed any generation or indeed any fucking sport involving a ball will yis wake me up? Yis better be armed with a cup of rosey lee and a gluten free biscuit.


I’d rate Canavan better than him or at least as good as him. But that’s just me


Me too. I haven’t named any Dubs (yet) to remain objectivley neutral