The Gooch hanging around?


One of the greatest players to grace our game. Will go down as a true legend. Never won a All Ireland medal for Kerry against a Ulster or Leinster team in a AI final :slight_smile: Lost 5 finals-Dublin- 2, Tyrone-2 & Armagh-1 .


Ah lads will yiz stop the lick arsing, good player alright, but a moaney little fooker, used to do me head in watching him


Jaysus Harper you moan like f**k here most of the time and you don’t get anything like the abuse Gooch got …


But in fairness Gooch payed it forward to the refs…


Wonder what the conversation was with Eamon . Im amazed he couldn’t convince him to hang on for another season . He must have just come to the conclusion that he didn’t have it in him to suffer another loss to us in an AI final :smiley:. Joking aside a great player who annoyed me no end with his constant whining in the refs ear . I’ll not be sorry to see the back of him .


I won’t judge him for anything off the field and am prepared to accept that he probably is a decent, generous bloke.
As a player? Great skills, won his own ball, scored heavily and created lots. But you cannot discount the negatives either. Constantly moaned and was a cynical fouler.
Best of look to him in his retirement.


Yeah I’m a bit surprised aswel. I would have thought it would have been an easy sell for Fitz. There’s every chance that Dublin and Kerry will meet in the final this year. Beating Dublin in September is the only thing missing off his record. Well that and a footballer of the year but sure the fact that himself and Dermo, the two greatest footballers of this generation have never won it shows that up for the farce it is.

I wonder is Donaghy slightly regretting not calling it a day too


Its never to late. I’ll celebrate when he departs.


[quote=“JJF, post:28, topic:1241”]
Its never to late. I’ll celebrate when he departs.
[/quote]He’s kicking out the jams in basketball at the moment.


I wonder will he bring out a book when he retires …



Still a smashing player.

Harper: getting the head boxed off you by a load of Nordies with no protection from the refs might have left its mark…


Terrible viewing alright . Watching world class talent display their skills


Yeah but its even better when he is not doing against your team.


Class player off both feet and a joy to watch.

His display in the first half against us in 2013 from centre forward was unreal. His passing and movement was top drawer.


Never said he wasn’t world class, doesnt mean I have to like the way he acts when playing. Same as a lot of sports were the best players are dirty/nasty. You’ve named most of them in various threads so I don’t need to tell you who they are


Hmmmm … bet you enjoy watching Janet Jackson type dirty, nasty tho …


plenty fo them wear blue too and have done over the years but that’s ok…


Yes… agreed… I’ll never forgive Gary Stevens for ending Jim Beglin’s football career.


Do you have to change every thread into Rugger discussion??


Yep, that 35 minutes of football won him an All Star, but I still reckon it wasn’t as good as the performance Cian put in during the second half to snuff him out