The Game


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, tried LOI, and found it very dull. Mind you I find ireland dull to watch as well. It’s really only the top international sides & top European teams which are enjoyable to watch. For me anyhoo. Premiership me arse. :grin:


That’s why you love hurling! :heart_eyes:


Absolutely love the game as a documentary, from origins, evolution and to some of the great stories. One thing stuck is that one contributors said the great teams of 60’s - 80’s wouldn’t last till HT with the conditioning of current players. The skill level hasn’t dropped but the level of athleticism has gone through the roof.

Sadly not much of Dublin in it, at the end reference made that only 10 counties play at the serious senior level and showed Cuala kids and made mention of how urban hurling would have to grown in the years ahead. I hope it was an omen for the future.


Really enjoyed The Game, particularly liked how it showed transition from nearly all ground hurling to the present. Was taking to a few teacher friends, and they plan to show it their schools to help drive the game on.


Dublin to have 6 All Irelands I mean?
11, 13 and the upcoming four in a row.


The Game was a thing of Beauty and probably the best thing to appear on RTE documentary world in history.
It was simply emotional, humorous, fascinating and simply breathtaking.

This is our Greatest product. Hurling is our greatest game, I know that Christy Ring and Mick Mackey and John Doyle would be proud.

Listening to recent stars such as Angela Downey, Anthony Daly, Tommy Walsh and Eoin Kelly describing their passion for the game was wondrous.


I’d say it’ll be out on DVD for xmas and maybe RTE player overseas at later stage.

Its up on youtube if you search for 3 parts individually.

Brilliant I thought showing greatness of the game (in its uniqueness, skills and intertwined with the country itself) but also key changes (rules, tactics etc) right up to athletic standards of modern day players as well as covering most of the key teams and players.

The raw emotion of likes of Anthony Daly 23 years after a Munster title was incredible stuff and hurling/sport at its best.


That was some Galway team in the 80. Contested 5 out of 6 finals from 85 to 90, winning 2. Similar too in style to the last truly great Cork team in noughties who won 2 out of 4.
Then came the Kilkenny team who were the greatest I have ever seen.
Then Tipp came, won 1 in a row and are back in the pack again.

The nineties were the best though, Biddy Early, Dancing at the Crossroads, the 5 minute final and Offaly’s skill and Unlimited Limerick heartbreak.


Made determined effort for last 6-7 years to get to hurling. When you think back, it’s incredible the games year on year. 2013 final and replay seemed great, then 2014 with Kil/Lim SF and then tipp/kil final seemed as good as it gets and then this years fare. Can’t wait for Cp on Sunday. Another cracker in store.


Jaysus the first ten minutes are a bit too wristy for me, too much “its a game of the gods, played by gods” stuff and “its part of who we are” and “it’s in our DNA” … jaysus alright, get on with it.


Overall a captivating watch, but too much of that bolloxology spoilt parts of it for me. I go back to Daithi Regan talking about the offally fans ‘They were a part of you, and you were a part of them’ ok Daithi, whose talking next?


A lot of criticism of the series on social media on how it avoided the question of why we have so few counties playing top level hurling.

Have yet to watch any of it myself.


to be fair everything gets criticised on social media


That’s a shite post, gimp boy.


The enjoyment is at least half being involved with a club, same as for people in GAA clubs


Was he crying again? The Pugster must love him.