The Game


Period, as @ohm might call it?


@DUB09 oh i would ye!
She goes out with some bloke from Plunketts


They all loved the “flowing, manly game of hurling” until Tom Blondie Walsh lost his eye in the 67 final!!!


Great documentary in fairness. The evolution of the game in the last 20-30 has been very interesting the change in the size of hurl bas directly linked with less and less ground hurling. Offaly were the last great exponents of the skill which seems to be virtually dead now.

Interesting about the origins of organised hurling with the Metropolitans playing in Phoenix Park on a Sunday, both Faughs and Commercials formed a year after formation of GAA and still going.


Jez that was a rough match , it was savage stuff, even makes the hurling today look harmless which its not.


Have only had time to watch the last episode so far, looks a good programme, is it possible to get this on DVD or download? Want to give it to someone in the UK.



Can they watch in the RTE player?


Hurling is really great isn’t it? Pity football can’t be like hurling.


not a technical person, doubt he would figure out how to bypass the ol’GEO block.


I’d imagine it will become available on DVD, maybe towards Christmas.


Should be a football one next.


More than likely, they’d be fools not to cash in on that.


Football can but dream


I’d expect they will hang on til next year for the football one … entitled Decade* of the Dubs.

(*) beginning in 2011 of course


The amount of stick football gets is unreal. It’s infinitely more watchable than Rugby (where 90% of the people watching have no clue what the rules are) and Soccer (which only at the very top level is barely watchable).


Decade started in 2010 :grinning:
Dublin 5
Cork 1
Donegal 1
Kerry 1

My prediction is that Dublin will go to 6 but not sure about next year yet.


THe 70’s compilation was entitled decade of the Dubs, deadly video seriously dodgy soundtrack though.

Could call it Decade of the Dubs***** Five in a row much better than Kerry’s Golden Years.

Danny Hot biscuits you’d love it.


Can’t agree there, that’s the reason so many are hooked on the fake dream of Premier League etc. I’ve been at lots of LofI games and almost always enjoyed, alot.


But that would be four? If we beat Tyrone.