The Dump Box


Gardaí must have had the inside line on this one…


Maybe they sprung a trap …


How do they know the doggo wasn’t , ahem, kept busy while he was in Waterford , if he’s worth so much at stud …


Fella on the radio said the pups would be worthless as they would’nt have the papers.


Yeah? Worthless if they win their first 20 races??


Would likely have to forge papers to race them


Sure those Keane fellas wouldn’t know anything about forging paperwork :scream:Where is Bord na gCon based ? Green Park Dock Road Limerick … so all the paperwork and is safe then …

It’s a great story this , will run and run , sorry couldn’t resist :airplane: here’s my bus


Was thinking of how I could better that but it’d be hard to whippet …


agreed !


Political correctness gone mad.


These chaps have way too much time on their hands.