Brilliant game between Nadal and Djokovic.

Haven’t seen a quality game like that in years.


Djokovic looks to have his game back.


I’m convinced Williams tried to hit Kerber with a powerful volley from about 10 feet away. She’s not taking being beaten too nicely.


Jesus, some drama last night in Flushing Meadow.

She doesn’t have a leg to stand on, seeing as the coach has admitted he was coaching her. Methinks his P45 will be in the post in the morning after that.


Find it impossible to warm in any way to either of the Williams sisters.


I do, for where they have come from & what they have achieved. Serena in particular, for achieving what she has at her age & coming back from the life threatening post baby medical complications. It blows any mere cruciate injury out of the water. But her ego has been way out of control for years now.


It’s a bit of a mixed bag. I think she definitely has a point around the fact that the officials seem to treat the women players much more harshly than then the men. But I don’t know any sport were you can angrily lay into an official and call them a ‘thief’ and not get severally penalised.


Yep. Her telling him he’d never umpire one of her games ever again was pretty damming too.


Absolutely embarassing as an American to see this :disappointed:


Yea, she might have a point about sexist attitudes but kind of undermined herself with that one. Seemed a very entitled thing to say.


she was being coached, she was caught and went on a rant. she got penalised same as everyone else does. she kept going when everyone else stops as they know the penalties hike up.




Nothing at all to do with gender - just petulance and pure bad manners.


So did she have a game taken off her? But the japanese player was kicking her ass already? First set was 6-2 before this all kicked off? The reporting on it yesterday didn’t make it clear.

Felt a bit sorry for her opponent TBH.


She had a game taken off of her as it was the third infraction.

Twitter full of people going “this never happened to guys” being shown McEnroe losing his MATCH ain’t the Australian open going “it’s racist then”

She’s played the sexist (her opponent was a woman) racist (her opponent is of mixed race) card and when all else fails the mammy card.

The WTA are 100% behind their big money maker, like they were for sharopova.


But how finely balanced was the match at that point? Was she in trouble already or cruising?


Seems like she was behind all through the second set, but only by a game till the third offence Android that brought it from 4-3 to 5-3


She was bang out of order, and as for throwing in the mammy bit, give me a break.


The mammy bit? What’s this now?


She’s a Mammy now & she’s going to rear her child to be honest & not cheat…so how dare he (the umpire) accuse her of cheating.