What an All-Time Champion legend in any sport. 36 years of age and still competing and winning at the highest level.
His gift is to be able to just about break even at 75-80% with his toughest opponents and the just blow them away at critical points at 100%.


Jane Hard Liquor/Licker ?

Seriously ?:roll_eyes:


Had a big chuckle meself at that.


It’s Hrdlicka. :joy:

Thanks Google.


I don’t remember ever seeing Federer look so emotional after winning a tournament. I wonder if he might be retiring?


Barring injury, he’ll defend Wimbledon and probably 2019 Aussie Open.
He never relied on speed and athleticism as much as the like of Nadal or Djokovic. His natural skill and anticipation are as sharp as ever. If he stays free from (serious) injury and picks and chooses what tournaments he plays in, he stays competitive for another couple of years, yet, I reckon.


Interesting stat from this morning - Roger Federer has won 10% of all the Men’s Singles Grand Slam Championships in the open era.


Indeed. That’s extremely … zzzzzzzz


Feck off. :wink:


I was always a bit apathetic towards the French Open but yesterday’s game between Djokovic and the relatively unknown Marco Cecchinato (I’d never heard of him) was a cracker. Some amazing drop-shots from Ceccinato, most of which paid off.

Nadal in trouble in his Q-F against Diego Schwartzman, a set down and a break down in the 2nd set. Rain has just stopped play, probably giving Nadal a chance to get his act together. Schwartzman (again, not someone I’m familiar with) is only about 5’ 7". He looks more comfortable returning serves than making serves.

Delighted to see the grunting, Russian drug-cheat beaten today in the Ladies’ Singles.


She’s lucky she got that far. Serena would have wiped the floor with her, if she hadn’t injured her back.


Time to crack open the Pimms…

With players’ current form and with Federer looking to repeat his timing heading into Wimbledon, I would have been inclined to back Federer to go on and win his 9th Wimbledon title, a month shy of his 37th birthday. However, the weather forecast for this week, and possibly well into next week, is for hot, dry conditions and you’d wonder how much of a toll this may have on Federer, at his age. Granted, he won in Melbourne in February but he seemed to get quite a few evening games there. I still think he will win out, if he avoids injury.

The Ladies’ Singles is wide open. Now that Simona Halep has gotten her first Grand Slam championship, she may feel less pressure and kick on.


Murray withdrew today, didn’t he?

Be nice now if someone other than him got more than 5 minutes of coverage on the BBC. :roll_eyes:


Ivo Karlovic still going strong.


Fed gone. :frowning:


Nadal scrapped through too. 2 great games. Switching between that and Engerland bringing it home :joy::joy:

How is Andy Murray doing commentary. The most boring man alive


Thank God I missed that. Though Tim Henman came out with a great line the other day - basically saying that Cliff Richard (singing during rain delays) was the reason the roof was put on Centre Court.

I wonder if yesterday was the last time Federer will play at Wimbledon? He really threw it away, serving on match point. So many unforced errors.
I’ve a feeling that Djokovic will now win it. He’s the best equipped at returning serves so should handle Anderson, especially with Anderson having his final yesterday.


Djokovic is not the same since they clamped down on the, er eh, stopped the, ah you know what I mean


What are you saying??? :sunglasses:


Nothing, might go and have a read of the cycling thread…