Konta’s up against it. A set down and a break down in the second set. Terrible news for Australian Tennis.
I’ll refer you to the Brexit thread and the hypocrisy of certain UK anti-immigration newspapers, considering their headlines this morning.


Sorry Beeko, the Brexit thread is one on my ignore list, haven’t read any of it

Anyone know where one could hang a wet duffle coat in Wimbledon today?


The UK versions of The Sun and The Daily Mail and The Daily Express were drumming up support for Konta, ignoring the fact that she’s an immigrant.


Is she an illegal immigrant?


I don’t think any of those publications care whether or not immigrants are legal or otherwise.


I was pretty annoyed at sky for blocking my access to the ladies doubles matches by blocking the red button.

So if you want the BBC red button services back (will be handy for world athletics, and other sports and Glastonbury and what not)

Go to add channels

2/3. Or. 3/4 depending on your box.

All the rb channels will turn up, select and save.

That’ll be three hill tickets to the semi final please.


They prob saw your posts this week …


Some great tennis in the women’s final . Murguruza won 1st set.


Watched the men’s final last night. Some display overall by Federer though Cilic was clearly injured. That said, a fully fit Cilic I don’t think would have done much better if he had been fully fit, such was Fed’s dominance. Federer is, apparently, the bookies’ favourite for the 2018 Men’s Singles at Wimbledon. I expect he will go close at Flushing Meadows in September - I reckon it’s between him and Nadal.


Thought I heard somewhere Federer had targeted Australia and Wimbledon this year and may give the US open a miss in a bit to prolong his career. Federer has to be on a bucket list of sports people to see in the flesh wont see his likes in a long time.


Probably because Flinders Park and Wimbledon are approximately 6 months apart. But Wimbledon took so little out of him I think he has plenty in reserve. I think he’ll play a warm up event and then New York. He’s talking about becoming World No. 1 again also. The O2 in November will also be on his schedule, I reckon.


What Is going on with these injured tennis players … it’s not exactly rugby …


Cilic had a big ■■■■■■■ of a blister apparently, which you could see how it would disrupt your game

Its the 4/5 hour games that has to do damage, especially now that the drug testing has become more prevalent in the game.


Yeah agreed, but 7 possible 3+ hour matches in 2 weeks must leave its mark, only Tour de France more hectic I’d say. Its worse in US Open where they play the semi on a Saturday and final on a Sunday to keep TV audiences happy, Crazy really.


Hard courts I’d imagine take a worse toll?


Brutal conditions in Mebourne for the Australian Open. I don’t care how much they are paid - player safety must be prioritised. Playing in temperatures approaching 40C where seriously fit athletes struggle to breathe is a step or two too far.

For what it’s worth, I fancy Alexander Zverev for the men’s singles and Simona Halep to finally shake off the “choker” tag and win a Grand Slam championship in the women’s. I just hope Sharapova doesn’t win.


Wait til you see the World Cup in Qatar …




I think Nadal or Federer will win the mens, Federer looks like he is barely breaking a sweat but he has been playing night games. In the womens, Kerber is looking good but Haleps long 15-13 final set will probably affect her badly in the coming rounds.


Federer marches on imperiously.
Djokovoc is struggling. A set down and a break down in the second set and obviously far from fully fit.