Andy Murray about to play Dustin Brown now. I’d LOVE to see Brown beat Murray. They had a long wait after the first match on Centre Court, probably something that wouldn’t faze Brown but may upset Murray with his injury.


Brown is a bit too predictable here with the drop shots. If his plan is to run an injury-concerned Murray to the ground, so be it. But he needs to keep Murray thinking and on his toes. Great to watch, nonetheless.


I wonder is it Andy Murray’s good looks or his charisma that attracts his missus?
Mind you, she seems about as interesting as a bag of flour.
Gilles Muller is on his way to making Murray’s path to the final a little bit easier by knocking Nadal out unless Rafa can pull himself back from 2 sets down.
Nadal has just broken to go 3-1 up in the third set.


Epic last set in the miller nadal match, don’t know why they didn’t put the Djokovic match on centre under the roof, they can go till 11 then.

Meanwhile there were some great sets in the women’s today. You know what I mean.


Luxembourg strikes again. The whole country just celebrated in the Lux equivalent of Ron Black’s …


Murray is still not firing on anything like 100% but he’s getting through. At this stage, all he will need is one really big performance in the final against either Djokovic or Federer (who are seeded to meet in the semi final). Federer is cruising through. Easily defeated Dimitrov - a potentially very dangerous opponent. Federer has another dangerous opponent in the quarter final before a potential semi-final. Murray, on the other hand, has a much easier path to the final. Hard to know if he’s getting any benefit from such an easy run - he’s making harder work of it than his scores would suggest.


After his performance last night, Muller will trouble Murray if he gets to the Semi, if he’s not knackered. He was brilliant last night. When Rafa makes a steam role like that from 2 nil down to 2 all, there was only one way you could see it going, but Muller never let him in in the last set and kept him at arms length. There was one or 2 mistakes he made to give Rafa break points where I thought, that one is gonna keep him at night up if he loses this, but fair play to him for keeping her lit.

I personally think Federer will win it, and I had hoped he would before it started too

Side note, did anyone see rafa crack his nut of the door frame doing a jump to warm up before they went out??? Fook I could feel it meself


Yeah, I certainly hope Fed wins too.
Muller will trouble Murray, no doubt. I just think that Murray, although struggling, is slowly building momentum. He needs to build it quicker, though, to have any chance against Federer or Djokovic.

As for Rafa’s demolition audition…


Muzza’s been taken to a final set by Querrey. He’s not moving well at all.


If he loses there’ll be a Steward’s InQuerrey …


3-0 down in the final set. He’s a goner.


The Scotsman is out.


Fook, seen he was well up in the first so turned him off. Would have enjoyed that. Funny they arent really talking about it in the Muller/Cilic match, which is a cracker too, heading for a fifth set after 3 hours!


Feckin delighted.

It’s up to the Aussie now to keep the “home” flag flying


Murray’s probably done himself in for the next six months, I reckon, playing in the championship on a dodgy hip. As soon as it was put up to him, the strain told. He needs to do a Federer and take the rest of the year off.


My granny got a hip replacement and she was flying after three months. He should go for one of them. If he’s in the Scottish VHI he’ll probably get to pick one.


Muller crumbling in the last. There goes me 40/1 return :sob:


Unfortunately not inspired in your case …


The Fed-Express marches on.
Wins first set.
Breaks Raonic’s serve in the first game of the second set.


All the big boys out. Its made up for Fed

Venus is playing the ozzie, sorry English one at the moment. Lovely pair of nips on her, Konta I mean.