Bit of gamesmanship from Nadal… taking a lot of time to serve. Trying to recoup between points?


Of course, taking as much as he is allowed. He always does. Great game so far anyway


He’s been warned on it by the umpire.
Onto a fifth set. This will tire both players. Survival of the fittest (physical and mental)?


What a game, fair play to them both. Should be a great final. Hope Federer wins


Pretty mad that the men’s final has a 30 y/o versus a 35 y/o. And women’s final has a 35 y/o v a 36y/o.


Fixed that for you.


Well, Fed did it. What a champion.


How’s this for a way to end a tennis match?


I think the Russians have hacked into Andy Murray.


Well, it was fun while it lasted.

The Scotsman recovered his Britishness well.


Is there a more entertaining tennis player to watch than Dustin Brown? He’s playing right now.


I love his 9 minute Load Out /Stay version …


What channel? They have Murray on BBC1 AND 2 at the moment FFS


On BBC’s website, they have all courts broadcast.


Is it on Netflix …


You should be taken to court for that one!


Trust you to make a joke of it …


Normal service will resume shortly.


i like it when you see the womens knickers.


SO not only were they showing Murray on BBC 1 and 2, they are now re-showing on BBC1!! FFS