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what so of gear did you buy, Im a big fan of Xiaomi. Have their Mi Box 3. Best streaming device on the market for its money. Would love of their tv’s and their netbooks. And I take you got all the gear with the Global rom no problems?


Didn’t buy any phones or laptops etc but the gear in the shops are fantastic.

Picked up some smaller objects like headphones and smart watches.


If anyone ever gets to the electronics market in Shenzhen,China it is unbelievable. Every electronic thing under the sun at a fraction of the prices. Some are originals, some are copies and some are just unbadged originals (same manufacturer, but maybe failed QA checking on cosmetics or something). Obviously you can buy something that ends up to be crap, but at those prices it doesn’t really matter. Lots of component parts available there also.


Would there be any problems buying a sim free phone in carphonewarehouse Newry. Its for the young lad , hes with 3 down here.


No shouldn’t be as longest as it is unlocked.


You may not be able to insure the phone if its on a SIM free plan. Most phone companies require you to be on a bill pay plan, if you want to take out insurance on a particularly expensive phone.


Same in Guangzhou and Gangding where we were. Floors and floors of electrical shops about 5m squared in size with everything and anything in them for next to nothing in price.


IF I went to one of this places I would have to have a lie down afterwards.


Have the oneplus 5t. Great phone. you can get it cheaper in US/Canada if you know someone over there and also there’s a student discount available if you can find someone with a college email. Easy stuff. Would bring the us price down to about 380/390


Can you get stung for customs duty bringing it back into the country?


By post, yes. Hit and miss I believe. I happened to know someone coming back from the US for Christmas so he just brought it with him.


This is the problem it’s hit and miss and a pain in the hole when you have to pay. Best is to try and get it dispatched with the European Union. Nice phone the One Plus.


A1 arrived today. Good service by honorbuy.


Give us an update in a few days on how the phone is goinf. Might go for this and save a few quid on the OnePlus if it is good


Can those Amiko stb do iptv ?


I will.


I had a look at one in moor street beautiful build quality. If yer thinking about going for one I’d suggest the black because the screen has this black border of about 2px going around it and it shows up in the white version. There’s also a whole heap of cases available fir it on eBay and I have actually ordered a couple in anticipation of getting that phone at the end of the month.

Btw @_TL can you by any chance test iPhone earphones in that? I’d be interested to see are they compatible.


No bother.


Ya mean this?


Yeah the very one , I know it does saorview & satellite . Just wondering about IPTV.