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Just an update ,
After looking at TP forum. I think the problem was that I had tplink plugged into same double socket as plug for Skyhub router and phone line (now I’m sure loads of people have it this way and no problems) but seemingly if phone line cable is close in the wall to wire from socket which has unsheated earth there can be issues.
I have moved TP link plug to different socket nearby and so far router hasn’t gone down once.


I did tell ya :wink: @Navyseal1


Lads got me MacBook back. Full mot onnit, thermal paste applied to cpu and Gpu. Full clean out of its innards. New battery and new keyboard and it’s purring like new. Delighted. Them MacBooks can really hold their own if looked after


Howdy d ho. Ok, I guess this the best place to post this. I want to install a Saoirview set up (as a back up to my paid subscriptions), anyone know anything about it or a good supplier? I was looking at one of the new Saoirivew Connect boxes but there seems to be teething problems and there is meant to be a software update mid 2018.

So getting me ducks all in a row and looking first at aerials (to install inside the attics) any suggestions?


Ferguson (I know, I know), do a better box:

At half the price.

Can stick both Saorview ariel and a Sat (for the FTV stuff) disk into it, as it’s a combo box.

Decent media player, and does IPTV too.


Cheers jaden And is that box compatible with this new saourview connect?


Whatever ya do make sure there’s a 7 day epg on ( electronic program guide ) . It’s vital it has 7 day list on it because if not you have to manually set it to record your programs every day . Came a cropper on this when I got mine .


Cheers - will do. That Ferguson models looks good!


One for the future…


Anybody have the Moto G5S mobile phone? Any good?


Not sure where the best place to put this is, but has anyone ever bought a phone online?
Seems to be massive variation in price, so just wondering if there are any sites people can recommend etc?


@JJF is your man for that !


I am looking at either a OnePlus 5T or Huawei P10 (sim free). I’ll buy the OnePlus direct from their website or the P10 from Argos UK. I’ll be sticking to reputable companies anyway

The price difference you could be seeing can be because the models are smaller Ram & Romantic specs, refurbishments or imports from China which are subject to VAT on import.


One plus 5t is a beautiful phone. If budget is tight xaomi mi A1 with pure android one os is a lot of phone for the price. IM after one meself would rather 2018 mid entry phone than my current 4 year old flagship iPhone. I think @_TL ordered one. As says a lot hardware for the money. Premium build with google OTA’s. Can’t ask for more.


One on its way at the moment. Via Leipzig Germany and East Midlands UK according the DHL tracker.

I’ve had Sony Xperia’s for years, decided to try the A1 based on reviews. And bang for your buck.


I was in China before Christmas and purchased some Xiaomi gear. It’s top quality stuff. Raging I didn’t take a jump on a phone when I was there.


Very affordable online, from Italy mainly, and no customs as shipping from EU.


Did you grab it from gearbest or somewhere else?



Ordered Tuesday evening, shipped Wednesday afternoon.


Thanks for all the replies.
I actually forgot about the OnePlus!
I was looking at the P10 or the Mate10 which both seem excellent spec for reasonable price. Also thinking of S8 but think it’s a bit pricey, but was going to see what kind of deals I could find online!

I will definitely look into the OnePlus and check out the likes of Argos in the UK for some of the others also!

One further question, does anyone have a P10 or Mate10 and would you recommend them? Or Huawei in general (never used them, but hear good reports)

Thanks for the help!