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You reckon there was a reason why it didn’t come with one ? That bulging battery issue just doesn’t sound right from the get go . If the logic board went , it wasn’t by an install I reckon .


I reckon you need to this.

Take of the back of the radio.
Make sure it is plugged in.
Wet a finger, but not the one you have used to pick your nose.
Stick in selected finger into any part that says danger.
If you hear a loud bang it’s worked.

Can you record it on your Nokia? The one that’s compatible with your headphones? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Battery was ducked over 900 cycles on it.


I’ll wear my galoshes!


Id say the damage was done at that stage . That’s aload of bollix tbh . I’d be raging if that happened . Hope that’s not the same bloke who ya bought the wardrobe off :scream:


Ha! Not a chance! Nah it was my fault I have no come back if shoe was on other foot I’d be saying same thing. Mistake I made is that I should if seen was there teething problems with update.


No wonder there’s a fortune to be made fixing Mac’s !


Using them a long time first its ever happened. ■■■■ it. Could be worse.


Well ■■■■ me. Macbook booted up doing by an SMC (following on from @Rochey suggestion I tried an extended version of it) . Mac tech on his way to collect it. Looks like there’s life in yet. Fingers crossed I can get this up and running properly.

I’m feeling so happy I might even get a gofundme going to get dub09 fifa18 and a new wireless radio for snowcat.


Im happy to hear that. A logic board failing due a SW update had me questioning life itself :grin:


In fairness, there a lot of complaints on apple forums about HighSierra wiping SSD’s etc. As the unit wasn’t powering up and and not responding to the SMC or anything it was the first assumption.


Great news , glad to hear you didn’t give up on it !


Yea i did look it up and seen some examples which had me baffled.

One of them even happened me doing my final year project for college, different HW and SW but same disastrous ending as the SSD wiped example. I wasn’t so lucky to retrieve my work.


Getting it looked at, if my budget can extend I might see can I get a 128 SSD put in it. Wondering now is it the HD. Would a motherboard/logic board behave that erratically?


I suspect it might be the hard drive . If something goes on a motherboard , it usually brings the whole ship down unless it isn’t pivitol to operation .
If it’s a ssd it has no moving parts which is also better as less chance of parts wearing down over time.


Not that familiar with Mac at all, but a motherboard shouldnt do that to a system after a SW update. Ur problem sounds Hardware related to me at first glance. Maybe the update messed around with the peripherals. Hence the reason an SMC fixed it.


Yeah , probably messed up the boot sequence or something .


Technician getting back tonight on the machine hopefully all good


For @JJF


What’s he doing , full install ?