Tech Support... for morons, bellends and dipsh*ts


Do you want to buy a pair of headphones?


No but Im in the market for a baseball bat if theres one going.


im not laughing around the floor!


I wouldn’t blame you. Have you no comeback at all on it?


None. Worked when I checked it out. Worked when I got home. Problem was when I upgraded the OS. So technically its my fault, but of course it could have had historical problems that I would of never copped. I have it more or less sold for parts now which is a pity as the machine looks shiny new. The guy who is buying repairs logic boards for a living. I take a loss of 75 brick or pay up to 150/200 to get it fixed / repair and thats if…

Cant catch a fecking break this week! Hopefully this is the last of the bad luck!


A loss of 75 sounds like you’re getting away with it a bit. Could have been a lot worse?


Exactly! I’ve been upgraded (excuse the pun) from bellend to dipshit!


The batteries swell in these machines if they are left uncharged for long periods, they are designed to bust out towards the shell and not inwards to the guts of the machines. My original MacBook had this happen twice, both times, changing the battery saved my blushes!


Huh ? Is this some sort of common known design flaw or something ? I’ve never heard of this happening on other laptops :sweat:


I don’t honestly know. My original MacBook is 11 years old, still going strong. Use it more for letting the kids play on it now, the battery has been replaced twice and when I was away this year, it was unused/charged for about 5 weeks in total and it started to swell. My current one is only a couple of years old, and I could never go back to any other type of laptop, love their versatility!


That’s good to know , never used a Mac before !


Happens in all pre 12 max books. No big deal just avoid buying cheap ass third parties. Been using macs since 1998. Gas thing is I ran the rule over the one I bought I guess I just fried the ducking thing installing the os. ■■■■ it.


I’m not sure how you managed to fry it though by just doing a software install ??


I have no idea what’s going on here but I do feel your pain JJF. Mac books and tech is way beyond me but the only comparable thing that happened me was buying a second hand Subbuteo team many years back and finding that three of them had been glued together when I flicked to kick. Devastating.


I don’t know either.


I say Dub09, I can’t seem to tune my wireless to Radio Eireann Athlone. It used to be between Hilversum and Breslau I think. Maybe the damp weather is interfering ?


I haven’t a boggle about Mac’s but I do know pcs / laptops and from what you described , it was no way your fault for what happened . I looked it up and the logic board is the mother board I presume your referring to ? For that to fail it would have to a physical issue , ie at component level . And from how you described what happened with the battery , it just so happened at the same time as you were doing the install .I’d be putting that down to the “warped battery” , not the install !

Is this what it looked like ?


I suggest you get a metal coat hanger @Snowcat and unwind it below the hook. You will now have a bendy shaped piece of wire approx one yard long. Insert it in the jack of the radio and wiggle about scientifically until you can clearly hear Alan Smith giving the Shipping Forecast for Dogger Bank. A little tip - Do not stand in a basin of water while doing this as my late neighbour did many years ago. RIP.


I bought it without battery. I knew it had none, didn’t bother me as I had a lad get me OEM battery. I powered it up in Starbucks and tested everything. Got home adjusted the trackpad alignment (it’s was slightly of track because of the bulging battery). So decided to run the updates - I always do an erase and install. Ram it and it updated powered it up and the keyboard and trackpad where very erratic. A problem caused by highsierra is in older macs. They advised wiping drive again and I tried to install an older version of El Capitan and that’s when it went diddys up. So I guess it was then it fucked up the logic board. It’s know to have messed up ssd and hard drives. Just pure bad luck.


Not as bad.