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Bart had loads of @Wifi issues here …


I’ve just taken eternet cable out of tv from tp link , left tp link plugged in beside tv( hopefully it will still boost Wi-Fi signal in area )
Changed setup back to wireless. Netflix now staying on.
My internet speeds are low around 25mbs.
I guess i just have to keep an eye on it. But kinda defeats the purpose of having to disconnect the hard wired part.


Did you have the ethernet cable plugged into the sky q box ?
Netflix has always been flawless over WiFi on my smart TV .


With the info you have given I would put the problem with the tplink. I gather from what you said, your set up is router to tplink wireless then tplink to tv hard wired. Two solutions pending on your house type. 1) a longer range router if your house is more boxed shape without too many block walls and the router is located fairly central. 2) keep your existing router and get a better extender if your house is more of a long bungalow style.
Amazon has a good selection with a lot of the info to help you choose .


No ethernet plugged straight into tv. From tplink beside it. No issues with internet until I watch youtube or Netflix on TV, then orange light flashes on sky hub in hallway and youngest comes down stairs to tell me internet is gone on his phone or xbox .
I have to tplink acting just as a Wi-Fi extender at the moment .


I’ve sky hub (router) connected by ethernet to tplink plugged in hallway beside router…
Then tplink wifi extender av600 plugged in beside tv and ethernet from tp link to tv.
Internet dropped out this morning with just Wi-Fi for phone being used. As I had plugged out the hard wired ethernet cable last night.
When internet is stopped working, if I go to settings on TV it shows connection from tv to router , but no connection from router to internet ,
Maybe sky hub is the issue?
Driving me mad.


You connect the ethernet cable into the sky q box , not the TV . The TV can use the wireless to connect to broadband .
Router - tp link - second tp link - sky q box .

There’s some conflict there if the router is going down .


I was going straight to TV because I wanted it hardwired for netflix and u tube.
I reckoned if I’m streaming 4k . That it would be better than wifi.
Tp link has two ports underneath. My idea was to put one into TV and one into android box.
I don’t watch too much sky so I wasn’t that bothered about boosting that.
(Maybe I’m missing something. )
I might get onto sky and see if they can check router.


You don’t need to connect the tp link to the TV to watch high Def Netflix or YouTube .I never have .
The only reason you would need to that ( connect tp It link ) is if it’s buffering all the time , ie you see the circle with the number spinning from 0-100 or if you notice the picture isn’t perfectly clear .Netflix only needs about 10 mg which is fine if you have at a minimum 25 mb . What exactly is your broadband connection ? Mine is 100mb with eircom . I get at best 65mb with the tp connection.
If your internet is dropping all the time the problem is the router or something else . If you have the tp link hard wired it shouldn’t lose a connection.So the issue is probably the source ( router ) not the links .


Connected straight to router in hall download speed is
42mbs.(eircom/sky). This morning 26mbs.

Netflix works fine withou tp link just on wifi Albeit Internet dropped out occasionally and sky box in bedroom kept losing connection with main sky box.
This was reason for tp link. I wanted to take netflix and YouTube of wifi. Plus I’m looking to get a new Android box and I was going to connect tp link to that for streaming 4k.
I’m baffled that tp link has made the issue worse.
It’s like router can’t cope with the traffic. When it’s hardwired , which doesn’t make sense.
Maybe it coincidence and router is the issue .


Forget about the TV & connect it to the q box & see how you get on .I definitely needed the tp link for the android box , stuff was unwatchable without it .


It’s a know issue with the mini box and they way it uses it wifi mesh. Ring sky and tell them you want an engineers visit


Howdy ho lads. Bought a secondhand MacBook Pro yesterday (2010) and managed to pox it already. Was trying to run the macOS High Sierra update on it and installed it but the keyboard and Trackpad went apeshit after the install. I tried to undo it by installing an earlier version and now the fecking thing wont power up. So I’m fucked as this was bought as a Christmas present. Anyone can help or know any mac geniuses?


Reset MAC PRAM. You’ll find guides on the internet. Power off, and power back on holding down 2/3 buttons. I’ve had to do it a few times in the last 12 years of owning MACs. Normally solves all issues like yours.


Cheers Rochey. Ill try that. I took out the battery last night as it was swollen to ■■■■. Adjusted the trackpad as it was forced up because of the swollen battery. I have been working of the magsafe to power it. But I noticed about 30 mins ago the wire into the magsafe was loose. So I am hoping that could be the problem. I have another magsafe at home so Ill try it then and your suggestion. The MBP itself is in superb condition. If I can get it going again and add in an SSD the father in law will have a nice little MacBook.


looks like a logicboard failure. Right now I feeling fucking screaming. 225 blips down the drain.


Id hand it back , that’s crazy & potentially dangerous if the overheating caused that .


When you say," the father in law will have a nice little xmas", I thought you had bought it for him, not off him :joy:


TO late for that. Hope now to sell it for parts. Sick, fucking sick.