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It seems to be mostly the letters that are gone.

I might have some I can sell. Let’s see - I have an M, an L, a J and there’s a W


We ll recognize you by the pink bandana you wear in your Twitter photo.

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Has anyone updated to the latest Android software on a Samsung Galaxy? I’ve an s8 and since I’ve done the update, my battery has gone to shit and I’m convinced the phone is running slower than it was before the update. Anyone else get these problems after they did the update?


No issues with the S7 . Rule of thumb is not to do any updates straight away . Leave it for a while & read up to see how other people got on . Used to always be an issue with iOS updates on the iPhone’s.

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Last few days when I visit Res Dubs
“Not Secure” displayed.

Anyone able to explain?


Probably cos there’s a lot of very insecure people here

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It’s using a HTTP connection rather than HTTPS. It’s a ruse to stop Cork people and southsiders from joining.


Jaysus, I’d love one these.


I suppose this could go in the politics thread either, recently got a new Huawei phone and according to today’s news Google /Android will no longer update Huawei phones. So will apps downloaded from play store continue to work if an updated version should be installed?.


Apps will work but you won’t get any more updates of the Android OS.


Wondering that too. Have a P10 since last year & love it. :frowning_face:

So Gmail & Google Maps will continue to work, but you won’t have access to any new bells & whistles on newer versions, as the Android OS itself won’t update?


Wow, that’s mental, just reading about it “The move follows President Trump’s executive order that effectively bans Huawei in the US. Chipmakers will reportedly stop selling to Huawei, too.”

Potential for spieing by the Chinese .




Awful shame. They’re a cracking phone.


Agree, I really like this phone


I’m not bothered too much by what’s in the updates these days . If your happy with it now you should be ok .


You should take note that security updates will no longer be available either.


But the reason for the ban is for "security reasons* so it sounds like their security updates aren’t up to much anyway if they’re afraid of Huawei