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Can they be integrated with Google Home as well?


Dont have one so dont know but it says they can on the links


whats the deal if the power goes and comes back - the plugs stay on/off or revcover to do what they are suppose to do.

Also how big are the boxes to control the light - you wire them at the switch or by the light ?


So far they have recovered for me. But if broadband is down you cannot access them from outside.

The module for the immersion is big enough. I just screwed it to the wall. The ones for the lights, I have purchased but not wired, can go where you wish but I will probably put them in the ceiling as i couldnt hide them all behind the switch due to concrete walls downstairs. Downfall that i can see is turning on and off can only be done digitally and you cant just flick the switch.

You can get smart light switches, which I was going to get, but you need neutral at your light switches to create a circuit. Standard wiring in houses dont bring neutral to the light switch.


Eh, I just want a speaker that will talk back to me…


I thought you were married???


Where did you them of AliEpress? Want to get a proper timer for the Immersion before I turn into Jim Royal.


Well actually, to be honest it’s for her, so she doesn’t have to keep asking me questions


You can really ask ‘her’ anything to be honest. It’s a bit frightening at times. She nearly knows as much as the Chasers. I once asked her was Gerry in the RA but she fudged it.


That should keep her busy for a few months/years


Here is where I ordered the POW R2 from for the Immersion.



cheers dude!


Howdy Ho Neighbourinos… Anyone here a genius on Saoirview? My father in law got a new aerial last year. We are using a built in tuner int he TV to get Saoirview but this keeps happening? So is this a result of crap aerial? reception? Crap tv with tuner?


I was going to buy him this, WETEKS new android and satellite box. So it can get the Saoirview feed and an er… his ‘other’ stuff on the Android TV side.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!


Was saorview good and then this started to happen or has it always been like this from when he got new aerial last year.
Your getting signal breakdown which can have a number of causes. Quickest way to repair is start from when symptoms first manifest and check were any changes made around that time. E.g. Did you change tv location, swap leads or add equipment.


Can’t see peoples avatars anymore, I’m guessing it’s an easy fix but I just can’t think at the moment how to fix it


Yeah me too … I just see you as a big B …


I can see yours. just see a square with an x in it for mine


I’m actually in mine! :wink:


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Even my own avatar is gone!! Who’s going to recognise me now without my big S??