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DAT - Digital Audio Tape.

A lot of bootleggers from a few years back used DAT recorders to record gigs.


Had a sconce there & not showing up much results . Maybe give Tower Records a shout , not sure if they are still going .Or Richer Sounds .



Lads anyone having a problem with the mobile version of the website? taking ages to load?



Thinking of getting one of those Alexa speakers. I have amazon prime so was just gonna go ahead and get this one - Amazon Echo (2nd generation) - Smart speaker with Alexa, anthracite colored fabric

Thought I’d ask for people with experience or recommendations for others before I buy?


I got Alexa as a present last Christmas - was very disappointed when I realised she was a mere speaker. Kids got Echos for Christmas - they are happy with them. I think though if you have Amazon music for more than one speaker you can’t use more than one at the one time? So the kids tell me … so I cancelled the multi one.


Proper old school.


Well I’m on the free 30 day trial for Prime, which I will be cancelling after 29 days, so would it be better to go with the echo?




Just read what I wrote, meant would it be better to go with something else. Anyway, next day delivery etc, I think I’ll just go with the one I said above


I was having a bit of a play on the echo echo echo echo bit … :laughing:

As far as the music package is concerned it’s €3.99 a month to get her to play literally any song you tell her … once you’re not slurring too badly. The kind of unsettling thing is that she can arrange all this by you just talking to her …


Ha, that was a good one. I’m a bit slow today, being Friday and all…

Yea I think I’ll just go for it, ta


You could copy and paste that, big man :slight_smile:


You know what, when I was typing that I knew some smart arse would respond with this! Just because I forgot I had told you something before doesn’t mean I’m always slow


Grand job.


I have this one over a year now. Use it mainly for Spotify & Tune In Radio app. Recently I started integrating IFTTT with it to trigger other items or tasks. Also purchased some smart plugs and controls and use it to turn on/off items like lights, the immersion and heating with Hive.


Fair play to you @whatever - I still use the kids for that. ‘Turn off them bloody lights’ ‘boil that kettle for me’ etc. In fairness to Alexa I get emails every day telling me of the new tricks she’s learned. Alas …


These are the smart plugs and switches I got. All can be got quite cheap from China.

Smart Plugs:

For lights, can be wired into the lights:

For Immersion:


Can any of them make a mug of tae?