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Yeah I use mine for my Netflix 4k 60fps subscription. :+1:


Yes I do. Can be quite simple now depending on what you want to do. An OS like LibreElec will boot straight into Kodi and can be installed on an SD card via an app on their website. Then all that is needed is to put the SD card into the Pi. I have 2 running LibreElec and will be setting another to run Xubuntu to try use ThumperTV


Ever use LibraELce running on a WETEK box


No. I looked at a Wetek box previously for streaming and satelitte but never purchased one.


Trying to simplify it here for myself. So I am basically buying the box from Amazon or wherever and then downloading a subscription based software to provide the interface to allow me to stream content on the box?


They look like a nice piece of kit. Though the MiBox pound for pound is well worth its money.




Simplist is buy a Xiamoi Mi Box, install IPTV Smarters or STB and add your subscibtions details to the app and away you go


Thanks lads, I’ll have a look into a few of them.

Any idea how much I should be paying for an annual subscription?


Annual subscription would be anywhere from €60 to €100 depending on the supplier. Most give a 1, 3, 6, 12 month option.

It is your choice but most recommend getting a 3 or 6 month subscription as you never know how long the supplier will be around.

Loads of info on Reddit under r/ITPV if you want to get bogged down in the detail.


PM if yer stuck

#592 is a world of knowledge. Your bang on the money about length of subscription. Have learned that the hard way.


I know a lad that uses the mag box and a subscription of 50 a year and it’s perfect!


Yeah I think its a case of preference. Nothing wrong with the mags. Simple interface and once you load in the ‘details’ all is good. For that extra bit o entertainment well an Android box, a good one with official Android TV os and not that bastardised version of Android is the way to go.

Remotes on Mags are good (an important factor sometimes overlooked)

I do like the look of this bad boy.


Expect a price hike here soon…


Long shot but does anyone know where I could get my hands on a DAT tape? Looking to test out a DAT player in work and don’t have a tape that I can use for test


On eBay.


Looking to get it urgently enough so was hoping for a shop around Dublin, long shot as I said


Never heard of it before tbh. Presume it died like Betamax ?
What’s it used for , audio or data storage ?


It’s fairly old alright, I hadn’t even heard of it until we got a project in work using them.

Used for audio