Tech Support... for morons, bellends and dipsh*ts


Any IT technicians here that could install Remix OS as HDD Single Boot on a very basic Dell Inspiron? Want to turn this machine into a Chrome OS laptop that has access to the Play Store. I would be willing to pay of course! cheers


Ok any it technicians that can fix a laptop after a bellend (e.g. Me) made a bollox of trying to install chromium OS and now his windows 10 laptop won’t boot what so ever. Chromium, remix and windows ten can all go and ■■■■ themselves and the horse they rode in on.


Create a bootable USB stick with Windows 10 on it .
If the computer won’t boot , power it off .Turn it on & press whatever button to get into the BIOS settings .Like F5 , F11,F12 etc .Change the boot sequence to put the USB as the first thing to boot .Turn off the computer , stick the USB key in &, power it up it should go straight to installing Windows 10.

Thats just one thing you can do . Could you take a picture of the screen you get when you power it up ?

Also you could go into Safe Mode & select the Repair option there .


Cheers Unbelievable. I was trying to install Chromium and made a balls of it. Would love to get the remix OS on it. If you anyone that could do that Id appreciate a heads up? You see I dont use windows, only mac os so I am pretty fecking lost when I come to use it.


Ah right , my background & qualifications are based mostly on Windows , if you put a Mac in front of me I wouldnt have a clue :joy:.

I’ll keep an eye out , is there no one local ?


Anyone have Soundbars ? Looking into getting one . Are they any good .Have a 5.1 sound system downgraded to a 2.1 system but it’s an old receiver so can’t output any of the new sound technology , Dolby digital , etc.


Aldi doing a sound bar? Looks good value


■■■■ ? Was just in there yesterday :drooling_face:. Bollix , will check it out . Cheers :+1:



Somebody might know this.
Today I bought Bose QC25 Headphones in Harvey Norman’s. They were on sale down from €329 to €199. Before I opened them I noticed that it said on the box "for iPod iPad iPhone ".
I do not have any Apple products and only want to plug the headphones into a stereo amp and maybe a Samsung tablet.
I looked at some forums and it looks like they will work as headphones but the volume controls may not work properly on non Apple devices. I suppose I’ll take them back and get some other headphones but they sound like a great bargain.


Any of you ladies know if this is a smoke alarm, or a carbon monoxide detector?

It is attached to the wall with rawl plugs and a has wire coming out of the back and going into the walI. It’s in a hall, up near the ceiling, beside the hot press.

It’s making the same high pitched beeping noise intermittantly, that a downstairs smoke detector makes when its battery is getting low. But as this has a wire coming out the back, I presume it’s not battery powered? The smoke detector is circular and doesn’t resemble this gizmo at all.

Any ideas?


It’s something to do with the jack and the two little ribs on it. You could always see if there is an adapter like this


Most smoke alarms have a battery built in as well as been wired in case the main power goes . Stick a candle under it , if it doesn’t beep then it’s not a smoke alarm .


It’s neither smoke nor carbon it’s a sounder for burgler alarm. To stop it beeping put in code for alarm and reset/ acknowledge


Yeah I thought it looked like an alarm fitting too


Alarm? Jaysus, never even thought of that. The alarm in the apartment has never been used though. The alarm window and door sensors were disconnected two years ago when the owner put in new windows & they were never reconnected. My niece (who lives there) doesn’t have the alarm code. She’s just a bit freaked out that its a carbon monoxide dectector and if it is, why is it beeping?


All smokies & carbons have test button to check them. A periodic beep is reminder to change internal 9volt battery. If changing battery in one, change battery in all as they all should expire at same time approx.
Burgler alarms will beep to warn of interference e.g. power failure or covers getting a knock. Requires input of code to reset as a preventative measure to warn of tampering with your alarm.
End of lesson.


Is alarm keypad still powered up, e.g. If she presses buttons on keypad does it light up or beep.i presume some sensors disconnected but panel still powered up. If that is the case and she has no code post alarm brand and model I may have engineer code. Alternatively if alarm is not in use & pending on age she could de power the panel at spur ( small white box beside panel with a slot on face for fuse ) just pop out the fuse. Wouldn’t do it at this time of night as if there is an outside bell it may ring till battery runs down .


Do yiz know wha’?

Yizzer aren’t just a bunch of pretty faces.

The alarm it is.

The exterior casing of the mystery beeping box, matches that of the (unused) alarm panel by the front door.


Yes, the alarm panel by the front door is still getting power. The LED screen is lit up and shows the correct date.