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That’s brutal. RANG sky there told them the offer I was getting of Vodafone, they didn’t even try to haggle. To be fair to Sky, there tv service was excellent and the broadband service reflected the copper wire that I had to the house, there was not a lot they could with that. I have been with them 16 years and have had never really any complaints. But still, I’ll try Vodafone for the year, if anything I can always fall back on the android box.


The sorry thing about TV cable services and broadband services is that, to the best of my knowledge, the service providers are unregulated and answerable to nobody, not least their customers.


It seems Navan is the only place in Meath which is setup for Siro atm. Would be interested to see how it works out for ya .


Is every where else Sans Siro?


There’s only one Sans Siro (sorry about the foreign sports club logo)…



Had ‘memorable’ experiences there both as an U12 and an adult!




You’re welcome @DUB09, made you the man you are…:sunglasses:


Sky seem to make nothing on the broadband - tend to hope you stay with them after the introductory offers.


Not sure where to put this but has anybody recently got new windows for their gaff?

I understand style and spec influence this, but for your average windows, how much would we be talking about (7 windows in total)?

I’ll shop around but it would be useful to know the current market rate as I imagine its easy to pay over the odds on these projects. Companies don’t exactly advertise prices.


Said it here many times before, if you’re handy with the lámha at all, you can save a fortune. I have a great contact for supply of windows. If you feel up for it!


good man @Rochey , never a truer word said


Looking to get an IPTV box to watch sport and stream movies etc. , can anyone recommend one? I’m fairly new to it and not sure where to start with the researching


There is many that can be got. Mag Boxes are meant to be the best IPTV boxes. If you want an Android box I would suggest the Xiaomi Mi Box 4k or Formuler z7+. There is other boxes aswell like Nvidia Shield or Enigma 2 but I beleive they need some configuring.

I use none of the above and use a Raspberry Pi with a Kodi build installed (LibreElec). Interface is basic but does the job. Downside to Kodi is it isnt great at handling very large playlists. My suppliers playlist is huge and I have to strip it down to work.

There is a web browser option called ThumperTV that I will be giving a go in the next while. Good support offered for it on Reddit


IMO stay away from cheap Chinese boxes like Mxq, as they are balls of shite.

Xiaomi Mi Box 3 or 3s
Amazon Fire TV

Don’t know much about mag boxes except they are purely designated for IPTV subs. I use STB on a Mi Box and Fire TV and they work really well.


Do you build your own Rasberry Pi.
What’s specs are on it ?


Are these boxes legal?


who wants to know?


I do, before I buy one and have it rendered obsolete a week later.
Also, if they are illegal, maybe they shouldn’t be discussed (even promoted) openly on here.


Boxes are all legal.

It is what you do with them is legal/illegal