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Wouldn’t go near Vodafone, pure shite.


Think they are just one of numerous providers


But apparently sky are offering only 125mb per second. Ok that’s more than enough to handle one of AL’s specials but versus 1000?


In what way? Hardware? Customer Care? User experience? Did you have the fiber or mobile broadband? Cheers


Have been waiting a long time for line rental to bite the dust . This could hit the likes of eircom hard for people who don’t use or require a land line anymore . Anything over 100 mbs would be a god send for me , have about 90mbs on an Ethernet/ TP Powerlink .
This is a game changer for folks in the sticks.


1000 megs, if I got 150 I’d be happy. I’m going to ring sky tomorrow see what they offer but if I can get the commander in chief to switch over vidafones tv package I’ll move.


Unless they give it to you for nothing , I’d be switching . Do you not have to be out of contract to haggle with these swines ?


I’m out of contract since yesterday!


Score :grinning:
On a side note , mate of mine recently discovered that UPC / Virgin had installed a supply box on his house which provides for his estate , without informing him.
He only found out by accident and kicked up a storm .Within 15 minutes they offered him broadband free for life !!


That’s a score! Great stuff!


Yeah, think it should fit your requirements. As your in Navan I would recommend dropping into wescos electrical wholesalers very good customer service and plenty of free advice. Attached is pic of a neat piece of kit might not suit your design but good quality and very good value available in Homebase navan & worth a look ( €20 approx ).


Pretty much all of the above, I had the mobile broadband, so to be fair can’t comment on the fibre broadband. But our broadband consistently stopped working for no apparent reason and their customer care was useless.




Yeah you said it TL! when corduroy starts appealing to ya it’s tine to have that middle age crisis and that sleeve tattoo! :grin:


Yeah heard nightmare stuff on the mobile. But this is fibre straight to the house using the esb infrastructure… thanks anyway for getting back.


@JJF I switched recently from Eir to Sky. TV excellent, Broadband utter rubbish. On to them again last night and Engineer due out this week :thinking:

Over the Xmas I was getting download speed of 500Kbs and upload of 257Kbs ( Half Meg & Quarter Meg). Was told to run a CAT5 cable from router into TV, when I asked why they sell Wireless Broadband???



Sky and vodafone tend to piggy back on Eir infrastructure - so if you were with Eir and its shite - it wont change.

Virgin media the only way to go when available.


Last couple of days I’ve been trying to improve my wireless broadband . There’s lots of factors to take into consideration . Is it all over the house it’s poor ? How far away is the tv from the router?
Also if you download the Wi-Fi Analyser app , it will tell which is the strongest channel on your router . You can then go into your router settings and switch it to that channel .Already seeing an improvement!


Cheers @Unbelievable