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Ha ha ha, so you pay 15 per month for Spotify :grin:


lads, little tip, if yis are getting into streaming or buying an Android Box, stay away form all that cheap shite like MxQ and the other cheap box bollixes… buy this.

Best android streaming device for its buck.


I have an old KODI box (it’s a Minix box), but got fed up trying to understand KODI and XBMC etc. Looking at getting IPTV in the new year so will either use the App on the SMart TV or get a new or better box.

Would this box do the job or have you much experience of using IPTV?


Yes it will. I prefer using boxes over built in TV apps as I find performance is better. This box will more than do IPTV. I’d recommend this box with the likes of an Amazon Fire TV Box / Stick, Nvida Shield. They have proper OS designed for TV. Only downside to this box is it doesn’t have a ethernet but an adaptor can be bought but regardless the WiFi is excellent on it. Best bang for your buck.


I recorded a few videos yesterday on my phone and went to play them back and they are in high speed for some reason. Anyone know if I can change them back to normal speed?


It was normal speed. I always run at that speed! :wink:


Just press the switch from 33 to 45 rpm


Sadly, there’ll be a large portion here who won’t understand that!


What about 78rpm ?


… for the record?


A brimful of asha on the 45? That record?


Brendan put a rasher on the 45.


Lads , anyone using a good , reliable VPN ?


Not sure if this is right thread or if anyone can help but if anyone can , Res Dubs can …

I’ve been tasked with recording some games to provide feedback and analysis. Looking for a cheap option . Willing to outlay a few quid though but the less the better . Ive a brand new Samsung tablet which I don’t use , could that work ? I’ve looked at getting tripods and a holder to record but all of this type of stuff appears to only be available through Amazon.

Anyone any suggestions? Anyone ever record games on a tablet ? Anywhere on the ground in Dublin be able to get the tripods holders etc ? Any help appreciated folks …:


Tripods & equipment are available in camera shops, I used to go to Halls Camera Shop there’s also a camera shop In Blanchardstown Centre ground floor beside the water fountain.

I’m no expert on any of this but there are apps you can get for analysing plays, I used hudltechnique on my phone to record my daughter in the park kicking a football /taking pucks in camogie etc. Its handy as you can slow the video right down to show the run up, stance, kick. follow through etc.


howeyis… ok the chungfella has more things with plugs than you can shake yer fist at. He has an extension socket to accommodate them all, apart form mounting it not he wall, any ideas? any smart manageable ones that can be got or that has escaped my attention. Idea is to attached current role to the wall cut the cord to measure and tack it nicely along the wall so it looks nice and tidy. Any ideas? cheers oh oracle off the reservoir of knowledge.


Sticky back plastic trunking available in brown or white ( €5 for 3mtr length 25x16) is possibly a better option than clipping cable and extension similar to what’s in attached pic with individual switches & surge protection is good idea (€15 on amazon)


Cheers napped, saw a nice extension in pcworld with usb charging and it’s just one row of sockets. I’ll get that and use your suggestion. That should do the job! Cheers dude.


Howdy @Nappertandy Was looking at this in particular. Skiiny and I can attached easily above skirting. Has the two USB ports as well.


Yippe Vodafone just knocked on the door offering SIRO I gig broadband. Offering 25 euros for broadband and tv plus for six months with remainder at 75. Anyone use the the Vodafone TV? While I line sky it’s getting harder and harder each year to get discounts etc