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Have used this as well for a while, decent App.


Any decent free players (like Spotify) out there? Hate the advert intrusion that Spotify and youtube music throw in…


I gave up trying to find free ones of any use.

Spotify have a family plan. 6 accounts for €15 p/m, so €2.50 an account. Well worth it.

Every one is meant to live at the same address but as long as all that are invited to join put the right address in, all is grand.


You actually pay for music , fair dues :metal:


As I said above €2.50 a month for Spotify in the family deal is brilliant


That is good to be fair . Cuts out all the effort of torrenting with an unlimited choice of music .


Like a few here got me a Xaoimi Mi A1. Been buying Xaoiimi products for a few years now and am a big advocate. Im getting this phone in a few weeks, great spec on it.

and these headphones

Thrust me lads, this tech is great value and the dogs bollix.


Whoa , the jack for the earphones is a micro usb cable . You’ll get more wear out of that .Finally someone decided to do this . Let me know how they fare !


Not it’s a usb c. Micro usb should be burnt to the ground it’s a cauc of a technology. USb c is the way to go.


Even better ! Still a great idea . Wonder will it solve the dreaded left or right ear phone failing randomly .


Yeah that’s the way things are going. A savage phone with 6 gigs of ram. Argos now are selling Xiaomi


How do Argos’s prices compare to what you paid online?
Also, enlighten me, please… what’s the difference between USB and USBc?


Argos are charging a lot more for the base model|category_root|Office%2C+PCs+and+phones|14418968/c_2/3|cat_50000541|Mobile+phones+and+accessories|50000542.htm

Though if it breaks you can bring it straight back and get it exchanged or repaired.

The micro usb is not as durable as the c (micro break far to easy), c is faster transfer of data. And hopefully the C will become the industry standard for all devices independent off platform or device.


They are the same shape and size, though, yes? Does the C charge faster, also?


No different shape.



Meant to answer this last night , I’ve never had a problem with micro usb , never had one fail on me . Have you had problems ?


Have had a few on devices that need to be replaced especially tablets. They are delicate. I’ll be glad when usb c replaces them all.


That is great news about the usb c though .
Could save a fortune on earphones , I’ve gone wireless because the amount of wired ones I’ve gone through over the years .


2.50 a month is good alright, but do you actually collect the 2.50 a month from everyone or do you just pay the 15 euro yourself?


I pay it myself. My brother is on it and I use his Netflix so balances out.