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Any Xiaomi owners having issues with their SD card randomly unmounting?


No. What version of Android One are you on TL?

Had a quick look through this. Is the SD card formatted in ex fat?


Android 8.1.0.

It’s actually showing as Generic Hierarchical although I’m sure I formatted it when I first inserted it. Will give that a bash as it keeps erasing the playlists on VLC player.


Have a read down through this. There is a solution somewhere in that. Hope that helps. All in all great phone for its buck. Im hoping to get the M1 A2 and pass this on to my chung fella.


I see the SD card unmounting and mounting again is an issue with some of the Xiaomi models, not sure if it’s a bug or a formatting thing.

Great phone however.


Not randomly unmounting but the recent upgrade corrupted my card. I can back up the data but can’t wipe it.


Looking online and some updates seem to have screwed up a few phones.

Backed up the card and formatted it so we’ll see if it keeps happening.

I see Three are now doing Xiaomi gear.


Shame! There goes the end of the good/cheap priced gear. They will go like Heuwai now


Hopefully not but we’ll see.


Keep me up today cheers.




I assume updated…?

Phone spazzes out every few weeks by unmounting the SD card, hopefully formatting it sorts it out will keep you updated.


Yeah updated! Typo on my part.


Yes please.


Still happening, even after reformatting and with different app.

You might find the last post on this page interesting, how to access the event and system logs on Android:


Any decent music apps for Android?


Music players ?
Or the likes of Spotify ?




I find this one ok , decent equaliser on it too.