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Follow that link I posted and see what happens if it still happens post a screen grab of the exact message your getting


There’s a little red cross over the speaker/sound icon in the bottom right of the screen. When I hold the pointer over this, is says there is no audio device installed.
I’ll try your link at lunchtime.
Thanks, gents.


No joy there…


When I hold the pointer over the sound icon it reads “No Audio Output Device is installed”.


Would it help to reset the whole laptop to factory settings? I’ve nothing of value stored on it.


might have to enable it.

not on a windows 10 here at the minute - can you get into manage audio devices via the start menu


Have you checked the batteries in your hearing aid, dear?


Yeah… it is listed in the device manager and says the latest update is installed…

“Intel® Display Audio”.


Disable it and restart.

Go back in and enable it then


Ok… I’ll try that when I get a chance. Cheers.


I’m having trouble reading that… Shudda gone to Specsavers.


No joy there.
I think I’ll have to take it to a local tech/phone shop. :frowning:


Before you do.

Try this


Send me an invoice if it works.
I’ll try later at home.
Cheers, lads.


Anyone have any experience installing ROM images on Android devices . Like Lineage or Cyanogenmod . Is it any better or improve performance than on Oreo ?


Something in that worked @JJF - I’m not so sure what it was but it worked! Thank you.


Do you have to delete your cookies before you install that.

I’ll get me coat…


Take that coat off. That’s brilliant!




Very good - Oreo! You must be on speed, wagon.


Great stuff!