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Yes, thats what I did. Played my IPTV app and cast (screen mirrored) my phone to Chromecast. Think I used the Google Home app to do it.

Yes it was Android


You should pick up a second hand Now TV box or stick for about a tenner, its pure class. Buy the pass and away you go.


Seems pricey but does it work out cheaper than an actual sky sub ?
€50 for sky sports after 3 months ?


I hear Terrarium is officially shutting down.
Anyone have any decent alternatives ?.


Gone. Showbox. Moviebox. TeaTV. All ok but no terranuim. Download appatide and you will get all these. Pain in the hoop.


Yeah , a friend uses terrarium & got into a panic last night . I installed tea TV on my shield to try it out . Not bad but riddled with ads .


Showbox a pain as you have to use a mouse. Coukdnt get TeaTV to fit on screen size. I installed the latest Oreo update on Android TV. Might look at paying fir a sub to get all boxsets etc


The friend won’t pay for anything unfortunately but I’ll see how they get on with those .
Tea TV was full screen for me when i tried it . I got it off aptoide .


I got it from a different source sone headbangers on YouTube. Showbox stable but I hate the mouse. Had to adjust screen saver on mi box to come on at 2 hours as it resets the programme your watching in Showbox.


Shame as terrarium was very user friendly for non techy types . Painful at times trying to explain new software to people.


I’ve been using megabox for a while now, as user friendly as terrarium and not too many adds.


Cheers. Does it respond to a remote and what device are you using it on?


I’m using it from a standard android box, but using a remote that has a mouse pointer on it. Though it does respond the the remote from the box itself which doesn’t have the mouse feature


I find there hit & miss on the shield . The controller that comes with it is excellent but ever so often it has a mind of it ups & the up toggle won’t stop going to the top . I’ve tried to pair a PS2 controller with it but the pointer won’t work on it .


Remote on the Mi Box is excellent. Best remote I have used on any device. Worked brilliant in Terranuim TV and was the app was actually optimised for Android TV OS. Though showbox is designed more for mobile platforms. I’ll have a look at this Megabox tonight and hopefully this will work.

The video below has good detail on APKs. An annoying fucker, but you can gain access to his Droid Admin account and get lots of good APK’s. I’ll check out BobbyHD as its responsive with the remote.


Right, chaps and lassies - I need advice.
I have a fairly new Hewlett Packard laptop with Windows 10. Since yesterday, it has been telling me that there is no Audio Sound Device installed. Any ideas on how to overcome this obstacle?


Dies your laptop have built in speakers



Yeah , check the device manager to see if driver has disappeared after the update . Just recently had a similar issue with a card reader . Trouble shooted & it said driver was up to date but not a spark out of it. Had to go off & find a driver myself.


Yes, it does have built-in speakers.