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Its a small learning curve, you will have the hang of it after a few days.


I doubt they will. They probably overvalued themselves and the market will correct their value. They should see it through provided their sales hold up.


Anyone know where I could get a charger for the Beats Pill XL. Its the old style circular charger which I can only find on US sites that dont deliver
Something like this lad


EBay ?


Would this not suit that? Its a 12 volt charger is what you need. Ill have a look in my gaff later on I might vape an old one similar that ya can have.


Yea obviously tried ebay and amazon etc, but as I said none seem to deliver to Ireland. It’s not a standard AC adapter, I have a load of them. The hole is a different shape if you can make it out from this pic. And Carrie is a spanner apparently before anyone asks…


Is it the port named DC? I’ll have a look tonight I might have something that can work for ya. I’ll check later on. You could also try looking for a universal adaptor.


Parcel motel will let you order to ireland from amazon in the UK where it states they won’t deliver to ireland .


Sound, I actually think I might have one of these somewhere in the house. Never thought of it, will see if I can find it


No, cant find it. I have a vague memory of throwing it out thinking who the fook would need that


Ill have a wee look tonight.


an post have a US address you can get it shipped to and then they will deliver to you


Whats the most reliable printer out there , like model . Have gone through 2 in the space of about 3 years . Looks like those own brand ink cartridges aren’t worth a fxxk , its goosed mine .


Seems eircom are having server/routing issues .
Some sites opening , others not .


Anyone use Now Tv? Was thinking of getting it for Satirdays match. How does it work?


Yeah. Down loaded it to my Kindle Fire for the Kildare/Mayo match & it worked brilliantly. Unlike the Modbro app, it was only about 30 seconds off, as I had the game on on the wireless & I wasn’t far behind that at all.


Cheers. Do you know if it would work through a chromecast to TV from android?


Don’t see why it wouldn’t in theory. Have never watched a match via Chromecast though.


You may need to cast the tablet screen to the chromecast rather than cast the video from the app. I did this at the weekend for Kildare v Monaghan from my phone.


So play it on phone then cast it to TV? Was that android whatever?