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Fairplay JJF. Appreciate that.
What’s a plug and play usb 3?


Plug and play is ya don’t need a ac power adapter harddrive gets its power of the device it’s plugged into. USB 3 is the latest in usb connectivity so if your laptop has usb 3 as well it we’ll transfer data at a much faster rate. If your laptop has usb 2 it will transfer st that rate. You whop a load of video files on that and if you had a smart tv with a built in player it can play back the files on the drive.


Thanks. Sounds like it’s worth getting.


I find Argos good, get a email receipt and keep it safe.

This suits your budget three year warranty I have two in work and they are fine!>External+harddrive.htm


Great help man. Nice one.


Flashing an old Asus tablet , running android 4.4.2
Any links for downloading some ROMs ( any version of android above that version ) & reliable methods .


Worth a punt

YouTube there’s a Savage amount of Tut’s on there


Well , i was pleasantly surprised at how this turned out. I installed the Intel drivers for Android devices on the PC .Then installed ( specific to the tablet ) onto the pc. Connected up the tablet & then ran the root file . It worked in minutes.Then downloaded Titanium Backup from Google Store . So the tablet is rooted , next step is to find a file for lollipop or upwards. That’s the end game .And that’s for another day…


???.₩TF… in the meantime I bought 2 new colouring books.


Did you try GitHub?


Im just trying to figure out is there a stock download for it . There seems to be restrictions on these old tablets where they just don’t bother giving updates for the android os.


OK so unless the tablet can update OTA i don’t think ill be able to upgrade the OS as its too old / probably not supporting the model .
Seems you can download a launcher to resemble the look of android oreo . Will give it a spin.


Them launchers never really work to be honest. What version of Android do you have it on?


Really ?
Its kitkat 4.4.2 i think . For all the benefits of android , installing a new os unless it updates itself is a pain in the hoop . I’ve yet to find a site where it simply says " download lollipop" for example .


You need to be buying devices with the Android one programme. Hopefully when Android releases fuchia it will solve a lot of problems. Take that tablet and sell it KitKat not worth a damn, far too old.


Yeah , it’s not worth a ■■■■ really .
I don’t use that much but was hoping to give it a new lease of life .


I’ve a couple of notification issues on Android at the mo, wonder if anyone has similar?
1st is with an Android watch.
I’ve been having trouble where it has stopped giving me notifications from WhatsApp (all others are working fine like email, text messages, calls etc).
It was working grand until a couple of weeks ago but just stopped.
I’ve gone through all the settings I can find and can’t see any reason why it wouldn’t be working, however I’ve seen somewhere online that it might be a WhatsApp issue when they last updated their app, so just wondering if anyone else has the same issue?

Other issue is on my phone, where I have a few different gmail accounts, but for some reason just 1 of them has stopped giving notifications of new emails (it still seems to be getting the new mails, just not notifying me when they come in)
All the other accounts seem to be working grand, Again I have gone through and compared everything and can’t see any difference. Anyone ever come across this before?


Are you using Google inbox to manage multiple accounts? What Android watch are you using?


No, just the gmail app, worked fine for me for years that way!

It’s a Boss Touch 4610


Suggest taking a break for a while and have a …sorry I’ll get my coat…