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Have the MXQ Pro. Grand box. I find with all these chinese boxes is they use mobile android with a shitty launcher. As there is slim pickings on launchers I have decided to get a Google sanctioned box. BTW 96 euro is pretty steep for that box I got mine for 50.


Would totally agree, i originally started with Sony ( tv, phone, radio etc ) I’m slow to change but eventually went to apple about 6/7 years ago , as you say it’s very restrictive in comparison to android and can frustrate you immensely when it comes to file sharing and interconnectivity.
Never thought Nokia would lose their market position likewise no one can see apple losing theirs but if they remain as restrictive they will slide very quickly.


Only thing is the whole UX of Apple products, build quality and OTA updates are excellent. plus their resale value is excellent. If one is happy to be locked into their eco system then I dont see a problem with it. I would get an ATV4 in the morning if I knew I could have Showbox on it and it was stable. Find Kodi a pain to use.


No fan of Kodi either but its great once you know what your doing . Tbh , if I dont have to do anything with the box & I find the interface OK I’ll leave it as it .
Apple products are excellent but I had just grown pissed off with ITunes . Syncing devices , trying to make your own ringtone , etc was just a pain in the hole . Android , hook it up , drag & drop , copy & paste , your only man !
And your choice of streaming with Apple is pretty much all subscriptions .


Is anybody else’s Showbox acting up?
Was fine up until yesterday, went to watch something tonight and instead of the usual click and play it is now only torrents available and they are taking an age to download and even then the quality is rubbish.


Could be a case of server issue any OTA updates on yours?


No updates that I’m aware of since yesterday, I reloaded the app and got the same problems, might try and load an old version of the app to see if that helps.


I love this thread because I haven’t a bloody clue what’s going on! When other threads are driving me nuts I come into this one and scroll down. I might as well be on Reservoir Beijings. I haven’t an earthly. Wonderfully soothing to be so technically ignorant. Fair play to the contributors here. I’m off to boil an egg in the microwave and ask my 12 year old how to turn on this gramophone…


Don’t forget to pierce the egg yolk when placing in the microwave.


Yeah the build without the poxy fishballs advert might be still on their website.


Don’t worry, @Dub09 their barks are worse than their bytes.


Or their woofers are worse than their tweeters.


Over the weekend, noticed one of the Sky boxes was missing the first page in each category. Even when I searched for the stations through typing in the channel number, example 101 it was saying channel not available. To fix this you need to do a software update. So plug it out for 5 minutes, then connect again and wait until it initializes again and you should be sweet


Can’t get anything to play properly on Showbox since I got my android box on Friday .


Servers are down I’d say they are moving them. Could be a while before they are back up


Ah grand , thought it might be an issue with my box or something , that’s good to know !


A line straight out of the Viz …


Ok I know this thread is more for morons, bellends and dipshíts. But what about us techno loving ressers and I am not talking about scooter or technotronic either.

Really into light OS systems and I am planning to install this nice desktop version of Android on an old laptop to see can it breathe some life into it. Anyone using it?


I might give it a spin . I love the freedom of Android . But I’ve never had any issues with Windows .


I love the freedom of wearing a skirt, I’ve had a few issues in the wind though