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Ha , I said “like my soaps” , essential viewing .


G’wan…name and shame…and no, we won’t believe you if you say old episodes of ESPN’s 30 for 30.


All my sci fi shows , X Files , The Walking Dead , Ash Vs Evil Dead , etc . Just stuff you can’t get over here .
I prefer downloading instead of streaming these as buffering does my nut in .


Does your IPTV have 3 or 7 day catchup on it? Mine has and it is great to be able to go back through the stations and watch already played programs.


7 days . It’s a godsend but I really got it for the sports & not regular TV . It’s gas , last year I was pisser because I had no sports channels , now I’ve too much & I’m almost sported out at this stage . But it’s great for watching the soccer in the afternoon & then catch a basketball match at night .


Can you not use that for your soaps?


I just prefer downloading , saves me the hassle of trying to search through the channels . Literally downloads in minutes . It’s just a routine I have !


Can you not group your channels into favorites lists?


You can with tvirl but I used IPTV client on Kodi so they are automatically grouped into sub categories .
And then there’s been aload of issues with it the last two weeks where the order has been changed in the channels so you could be scrolling through over 400 channels trying to find what you want .

The epg with tvirl keeps disappearing on startup so you have to reload it each time , pain in the arse .


Try IPTV Smarters. I have that installed on my phone and it is good.


Nice one !


Trying to find a iptv with a good epg and ui skin is difficult. I’m looking at a mag box with Linux as there skins seem to be decent


You can change the skins with Kodi . You can load a Sky skin on Kodi


I’d be doing that just for the familiarity is the functionality the same?


Yup , the very same ! But it will also have the normal Kodi stuff like tabs for music , TV / movie downloads , etc . Kodi really is a great media player , once you figure the fooker out ! It’s all encompassing.


Sent you a PM to get more info on installing that. I use Kodi aswell but just the Simple IPTV player.


That might as well have been written in Latin for all I understood of it.


Pm sent


For you harry

Trying ut reperio a ui et EPG IPTV in bonam difficile cutis. Quaero arca archa ad mag in ut Linux non videntur honesta pellibus ianthinis


NOW it makes sense :grinning: