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Old timers ! Like me listening the Beatles or the Doors :laughing:


Dallers cousins First Dance song, when they marry each other? :man_in_tuxedo: :bride_with_veil:


Eir have now blocked two more torrent sites as of last night
Eztv & yts


Looking for advice about Firefox & constant CAPTCHA coming up . Is there any bypass for this ?



That’s paid for is it ?
I’ve never used Firefox before & this shit keeps coming up all the time .And even when I complete it , nothing happens . Maybe because it’s on the Shield & not a laptop .


Can you not put a different browser on? Down think there is freebies for this. If there is they are probably shit.


I had chrome on it . Running like a dream until Eir decided to block my go to sites , grrrrrrrr. I’m now going deep web style trying to figure a way around this . Firefox is currently meeting my needs but I’m having to use a few dodge vpns . I’ve not used them before either . Hola was going grand until I read up on it . It’s dodgy as ■■■■ apparently . So trying TOR now but Firefox on it is been a pain in the hole .

Have you any experiences with free vpns ?


Yes - when it’s free it’s to good to be true and it slows down the box. A lad in work swears by a service which costs him around 3:50 a month but he is paranoid to ■■■■. I’ll get details if your interested. Or else do a quick google on top 5 cheapest vpns - a means to an end Unfortunately


Cheers :+1:!


Found a decent one yesterday , TunnelBear. They have a limit of 500mb free a month which is grand coz I only have to view a couple of websites a week .


Seems the captcha issue might be a result of java not supporting the latest version of Firefox . It’s working fine on phone but not on shield .


Are you using the Firefox focus version?


Whatever version is on the shield . I tried to download another one but it won’t let me . It’s just not showing the captcha at all sometimes so I can’t solve it & then access the web page .

Problem is Chrome isn’t working properly with the Tor VPN so I had to use Tunnel Bear . But what was happening was I forgot tunnel bear was still working in the background so it ate up the 500mb in a flash so I used up my allowance for the month in a flash .
I just have to remember to pause the torrent straight away & go out & disable tunnel bear .


Oh only noticed that’s different , I’ll give it a spin this evening !


Side load it in


I have done ( Firefox ) but as I said the captcha isn’t showing properly because of the upsupported java so I’m seeing blank when I’m trying to solve it .
God damn Eir , giving more work !


It must be some spectacular filth you’re trying to download if it’s worth all this hassle :wink:


I wish , it’s my weekly shows & movies from the states . I stockpile them & watch them at the weekend . I find regular telly cat here . Have an IPTV & Netflix but it’s like my “soaps” I HAVE to see :laughing:


What ya watchin’?

Oprah, Days of Our Lives, Duck Dynasty?