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What’s that like ? I see there’s a free version . What’s on the premium ?


The screen protector with this one doesn’t fit too well but will do.


The devil’s plaything :japanese_ogre:


Tell me about it. Fecking wifi module in me iPhone 6 has just packed in. That Xiaomi is getting ordered at the weekend. I’ll do a drag and drop on to it with my music. Used the tines match and then redownloaded all my music at a proper bit rate. Sounds great than my dodgy copies I had for years!


Flac ?


Everything! For €10 a month, at 320kb/sec which is very good unless your ears are unbelievably sensitive. Even Ray Lynam is on it.


Nice one !


I’m in if it has this


As he said. There is a family premium account for €15 a month and you can get 6 accounts for you & your family


And marks very easily.


And the space for the headphones needs widening.

Other than that.


Sounds great value to be fair if you can share out the accounts . I’d say though it would preferable if you had an unlimited or decent cap on your download limit phone wise .


Are you referring to the case you bought?,


A decent cap would probably be required. Mine is 30Gb and I never get anywhere near it and I listen to podcasts & spotify. I have used 5GB since 1st Feb.


Yeah , I think I was talking to you about the ID network . I changed to that before Xmas . So handy with been able to change your plan ! I presume you can only stream songs & not actually save them ?


You can do both with a premium account.I mainly stream but if I am travelling I download some to the device.

With the free account you can only stream but there is adverts along with a limited number of skips per hour and a few other restrictions.


Thats one of the reasons m getting a Mi A1. the dual sim. I have a work phone with 2gig allowance. Disaster. So when I do get the Mi put in a second sim with a bigger data plan.


It is a dual sim if you don’t want to use an SD card in it. It takes 2 sims or 1 sim and an SD card.

However there is a way to get 2 sims and an SD card working. It is a hack job and your second sim and SD card are probably not reusable again in a different phone/system.




You’re in luck!

Strangely some of them have 13,000 plays! Who are these people?