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Still hasn’t arrived. Fookers advertised on eBay as dispatching from UK but upon questioning it is coming from China.


A little help please

My MacBook keeps popping up ad pages, despite me having pop-ups knocked off.
I’ve deleted cache, cookies from dodgy looking sites, I’ve removed dodgy looking apps, anything that has mac keeper etc in it’s name, but it’s still happening. I’m up to the latest software on the OS (10.13.3)

I’ve been at this for a couple of weeks now and it’s wrecking my head. As soon as I think I have it stopped, up pops a new advert page with a new address… Any help greatly appreciated.


@JJF is the Mac man !
I thought Mac’s had the cleanest software out there ? Have you tried malware bytes ?


Apple tell you not to download any malware software as removal can be done manually and no software is needed. There are malware programs on the MacBook but they look like they came from the same source as the ‘mackeeper’ shitbox that’s infected safari on me!!!


Malware bytes is approved as a good program . Over 10 million downloads .They probably don’t want you to use another program because your not contributing to Apples coffers . I’ve used it & it’s grand . Question , do you use that Mac for online purchases or online banking ?

Have a read of this

Again , jjf is your man , he knows more when it comes to Mac’s & will point you in the right direction !


I’d say it’s a form of mackeeper - yer goi g to have to do a deep clean. Remember the Mac I bought at Christmas for the father in law? I get a call from saying that this ad keeps popping up…

I go over to have a look and he downloaded mackeeper three times… three fucking times. Could t believe it.

Anyway not saying you have downloaded it but I used this instruction below, fairly helpful and got rid of everything. God love the poor father in law he thought his bank account and all was going to be fleeced

As for safari it’s probably the best of the lot next one is opera


Malwarebytes comes highly recommended - cheers for posting.


Some sellers are f*ckers for that.

I ordered one of these - - will let you know what it’s like.


Yep, did all those steps several times, it’s time for malware so!!! Thanks dude


Devious baxtard of a thing. Malware removed a file called or something like that. Looks like the file renamed itself. I didn’t download MacKeeper at all, never would… I must have picked it up trying to download a movie recently… So far so good, no pop up adverts since Malware removed it! Thanks for all your help @JJF and @Unbelievable


Good stuff ! I’ve never picked up dodgy software from downloading a film though . If the rest of the family use the Mac just tell them to be careful .Just run that once a day or whatever & you should be sorted !


This is my Mac, the rest of the family use crayons and A5 sheets of paper!


You could also download AVG , you can set it to schedule scans daily at a specific time .

There’s a free version which is handy . If your ever downloading a program scan the .exe file using this . Or whatever the executible file is on Mac’s . And never download anything from a pop no matter what it is unless you are absolutely sure what the program is . I have about 3 laptops & always set one aside to download films & never did any online banking or purchases on it . Kept it clean from that point of view .


easily done. Especially when looking for or downloading free content. Been there and done it. nasty annoying little piece of shit that malware. glad you got sorted.



Arrived. Decent case, rubberised feel, fits well. Good job.


Are you still talking about a phone cover? Otherwise this is probably a conversation for another thread! :sunglasses::sunglasses:


I’m still waiting on mine. I think I’ll have to order that one.

Also ordered this upon a recommendation from a lad in work. He said easy to put on and extremely durable.


Can i ask yerself and TL did yis have any problems transferring music onto it, especially from iTunes? Or are you just streaming to the like off spotify etc. Was thinking of whacking on Apple Music when I get mine. cheers


I just use Spotify so didn’t put anything on it.
Haven’t had an issue installing any apps from the play store yet. All there and available, including Apple Music.


I just transfer mp3s across (from iTunes or wherever) and play via VLC player.