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The sky+ rf output is not the same as the old sky box rf output and to use the sky+ rf output you need to use the sky adapter also I still do not think the signal is recordable. The free to air card at €3 yo yos is excellent though possibly not the full solution for you.


He looks reliable has good feedback. Selling the old sky box with card fir 25.


Will check it out and let you know how goes :+1:


Which adaptor is that , the Skyeye ?


I may have misunderstood which sky box you have the old ones had a rf output you just attach the sky eye which allowed picture and power to repeat remote control signal. Newer boxes required an io link adapter to do same


Yeah it’s a sky+hd box

Is this the I o link ?

I see when the cable is connected it’s looking for a CI+ module or smart card . Wondering if I got one of those and put the sky card in would it work .
Eir have paired my Sky card to the version & serial number of my sky box .


Yep that’s the io link basically replaces the sky eye on the newer models. I don’t think you will be able to record either from that signal on the io link or even your 1st signal (hdmi) . I did try to copy what’s recorder on the sky box to an external hard drive and that never worked either. There may be a way to copy sky stuff but I don’t think it can be done between sky box and screen. Possible hdmi into laptop and the save screen image to hard drive sure there is a programme or app for that. Best I can do .


Cheers :+1: , it’s not critical or anything . Just on hobby list to try :blush:
When I run the satellite cable to the TV , it tunes in all the channels but only gives the programme listing for what’s on now , not anything after it . Weird :thinking::thinking:

One other thing was connecting up a dvd recorder to the sky box , did you ever try that ?


Your tv has built in free view tuner but no epg the epg is the tv programme guide.
Tried the dvr route with sky didn’t work for me.
The best so far and it’s really good value is JJF post for the free view card you can record with this and it works really well.


Yeah I know about the epg .
Don’t think that other card would work for me because I have paired my existing card with my Eir account .I’ll keep looking for solutions !


Can’t record according to the sellers comments ?


Don’t think you can record lads not with the sky but I think you can with the new saorview box. Regardless there’s a good discussion here.

I think a dual tuner box with epg and pvr with built in hd is the way to go. A bit of an investment but worthwhile. Some super boxes out there with android features.


All sorted . I found a Matchcenter catch-up within my IPTV . It goes back 5 days ! I’ll test it tomorrow when I get back from the game .
It was fun trying to figure out a solution anyway .


This is the bit that bugs me & happened when I connected my satellite cable to the Saorview TV & this is what it says about the next gen .

“Now & next satellite TV programme information only”.

Ive looked & I’m sure there are boxes out there that do 7 day epg on UK channels , I think my father in law had one .

Edit : it was the walker wp645ts-hd , great bit of gear a couple of years ago . Had the 7 day UK epg .
Not sure you can get them anymore :pensive:

This looks the business , has 7 day UK epg & you can put Kodi on it :astonished:


Ordered one today. Looking forward to having a phone with a decent reaction time


Jealous ta ■■■■! I’d love to get one. Money is tight as a badgers arse for the next few months.


Received the Mi A1 on Tuesday. Super piece of kit for the price. So far nothing major to complain about. With the software being stock Android there isnt much that can happen and there is no bloatware nor issues with Chinese Android.


Deadly and fair play would love one. Biggest reason for me to get it is Android one. Superb os.


What phone did you have before that ? Was it laggy .
Thing that I’m finding with upgrading now is there is very little difference in them . I upgraded from the galaxy S5 to S7 & can’t really see any difference in them , only for the upgrade in the software but still very little .


my iphone is almost unusable since upgrading to iOS11