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Where did you get the screengrab above? they really don’t make this clear.


Scroll down to the bottom of the page .


Ah i see yea - “as broadcast to audiences in ireland”. Not seeing anything on there that says you can get it in Ireland through?


here they say

GAAGO video streaming is not available to users in the Republic of Ireland where some televised games are available free on RTÉ Two (HD) and the RTÉ Player, TG4 and others on paid Sky Sports and eir Sports services.

Streaming suggests live video?


Yeah , that’s a good point . Maybe someone who uses it might have a better idea of how it works . It also says they don’t have the rights to games broadcast by sky :neutral_face:


might be able to use a VPN to fool it you’re not in ireland


would the VPN not slow it down to feck? What about IPTV sub?


Worth a go if you really want to try it . I’d only buy one match to see if that works though , you’d be goosed if you paid for a season pass & it didn’t work :drooling_face:


Like premier sports above?


I think the issue with the IPTV is that he wants to watch a game back at a later stage .


Quick solution here , get @dcr22B to upload all the games :rofl:




Well you can get the IPTV subs with recording ability. Just get a decent size USB.


I’ve tried it with no success with Kodi , have you got it to record streams ?
I see you can do it with the Mag box alright !


Posting this here to just in case anyone has any idea

Question regarding a Sky + HD box .
I don’t have a sub with sky anymore so am currently using it as Free To Air box picking up the English channels . I also use it to watch the BT Sport’s package with Eir .
Has anyone tried running a cable from the RF port on the sky box to the telly . Something along the lines of the Skyeye setup . Im not bothered with the Skyeye option of been able to switch the channels . I’m just wondering will it send a signal to the TV . Looking to see if my TV can record stuff off it as Sky disables the recording function on your box once you cancel their service .


Look at this a year or 2 ago, and it didn’t work for me. The best option and I don’t know how feasible it is for you, is the sky free to air card. It’s available to anyone with uk address for €20 / year ( approx) and allows you to use sky+ box as a fta receiver and also use the record facility


thats it. Ya can buy sky cards here


Excellent, anyone tried them yet.


The old sky card i have works & I get all those channels with it .
I programmed in the channels under the “other channels” section . I’m trying to Jimmy together an option where I can send the feed to my TV & let the TV record stuff .


Sounds good but I’m trying to do it for free , sky are crafty buggers disabling the record function :japanese_ogre: