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Yes please.


How big is the display screen?


5.5. Plenty of real estate.


Anyone here using a MAG box to get an IPTV subscriptions as opposed to a Android streaming box. If so whats the benefit of just mag box? cheers


Hi again!!!


I use a MAGBOX box, and never used an android streaming box, although, I must admit, I don’t know the difference. I love the service in my MAGBOX

Pay a decent amount for the service, but it’s worth it considering what I used to pay to SLY for their services back in the day!


Cheers Rochey… we should call this thread Ask Rochey! :wink: I had an IPTV app on an android box with a sub, now it was one of those non branded ones boxes and the streaming was only ok. But the app is unstable and the EPG is cat. I keep coming across this

So I’m thinking as this purposely made for IPTV streaming without all the bloatware an android app would bring. I guess ya get what ya pay for. I might look directly across the sea for a decent supplier.


I’ve a mag 254. It’s for the most part, pretty perfect!


Get Vader Streams as your IPTV sub , it’s unreal .


Cheers. This is me favourite thread! Like TK MAxx and lucky dips ya always get nice little surprises. I take it you are subbing from that service?


I am , I did a recheck & reckon I’ve now over 1000 channels from all over the world in 720p & 1080p.
Sky sports , espn , bt , bein , Irish channels , English channels , American channels , all the sky movies .
All the kids channels too . Running it off Kodi on the Nvidia Shield


Nice Retro Lamp @Unbelievable


@Tayto, you could phone Sky and ask them when they plan to introduce this into other countries, such as Ireland, Cork, etc…


We need to sort broadband here first. Big hopes for SIRO coming soon in my area.


ah yea - i thought i’d heard about that. That’d be ideal. Can you sign up for Eir Sports only, no interest in BT sport or any of that gubbins.


@Tayto have you seen this?


used that for boobs and dragons last year - it’s good but they don’t have eir sport on there?


Are you only interested in watching the GAA ?
What about GAAGO ?? They allow you to watch the games later .


Pretty much gaa only really yea, well six nations also.

That looks the job. Will they have the eirsports matches? … if so that’s perfect, just want to watch again when i get back from games or for when i can’t get to a game etc.


I think they have every game going . Now , from the looks of it it’s a pay per view job with each game being a tenor . I’d get the league pass , I’d say it would work out cheaper in the long run .
Get yourself Saorview for the six nations , cheap indoor aerials work with a decent booster in them if you still can’t put up an aerial or dish outside .


so you can use the catch up service in ireland but not the live stream?

they don’t make that obvious and could sell a lot more lasses if they did!