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Yeah it does. Good box. Though if that’s the route your going down the wetek play 2 I sent ya that link before. Seriously good combo box and googled partnered.


More just an enquiry in relation to @Tayto post .


Pleased to report the phone is excellent.

On the headphones @JJF it has a standard 3.5mm jack. Great sound, very loud.


the Moto G5S?


Xiaomi MI A1


Can I ask how much you paid for it?


€200 on Honorbuy.


Ferris beuller your my hero. Thanks for the update.


A bargain.
My first (very basic) samrtphone from a few years ago was a Vodafone own brand - it was made by Hauwei, when you opened up the chassis.
Some of Vodafone’s current “own brand” phones are quite good, also. The Smart V8 has really good front and back cameras, if that’s your thing.


I can tell ya now there will be very few phones that will beat the A1 on spec for that price point. Very few. As soon as I have the cash I’m getting one.


The V6 was well regarded.

Thankfully the cost is dropping, the days of paying €50-60 per month on a 24 month deal to access a decent phone are over.


Being able to access phones over the interweb (as you have just done) is probably helping to bring prices down.


ONE more thing what’s the battery life like


No issues so far, seems fine


Cheers what I meant battery life over the course of a day with use? What’s it like before you have to charge? Cheers


Full charge Sunday night, down to 7% now.


You mustn’t use it alot , that’s fantastic.


Not as much these days: tunes on the way to and from work, Twitter, ResDubs etc during the day, podcast or two.