Team Holidays


Once again they are no less than the sacrifices made by many thousands, especially in smaller clubs in rural areas, to keep their patch thriving. And the myriad volunteers who are the life blood of the GAA. Inter county players are now well inside the tent, with almost seven million euro, maybe ten percent of the entire revenues of the Association, given to them. That should probably be enough.


Not only do HQ not take all of us volunteers on a holiday … thanks to Mr McKenna we get to pay to watch some of our own games on TV …


I agree about discouraging general elitism. But alot of money is spent on the whole thing, to make a team successful,so it seems churlish not to give something towards a sweetener, and is it not the case that IC players of more successful teams have to be away from families more?

And there’s another thing, it’s always been the case going back a long way that successful teams get bits of rewards like this, back in the 80s at least. So this idea that it’s all modern bad practice+the sky is falling in…


If the holidays are funded by fund raising efforts spear headed by the players do you still have an issue?


Serioulsy, between this and your low opinion of extended panel members AI medals, a psychiatrist would have a field day figuring you out. What a shame you belong to such an osbscure club, that has never had an AI winners in its clubhouse, so you can not share their pearsl of wisdom on the matter with us.

Have you considered a transfer to…oh…I don’t know…Vincents maybe? :wink: