Team Bonding and all the other things that cost a fortune


So we want to shorten the inter county season to play more club games in periods where club players are away anyway.



clubs won’t play championship without lads on J1s in summer not because half their teams are away which isn’t true but because they don’t want to play without their best players. All it takes is one good player to be missing and club managers do anything they can to get a match off. It’s the main reason why clubs are happy that the inter county schedule is the way it is.


at last.


Or the alternative where nothing changes in terms of the season length but that players play league games through the year?


Good in their day, but the Specials everytime for me :wink:


Only contributes to burn out in my view.


Possibly an issue to look at but I’m fairly sure the training sessions they do are fairly intense and it should reduce that number


I don’t see how the top 25 of the Dublin panel not playing league games is an issue


Why should they not? Would you prefer them to train exclusively and play 6 matches from June to September?


But I’m proposing far more games at county level


I wouldn’t see a problem with that then. If they’re playing matches instead of training incessantly let them at it so


exactly they just won’t be playing AFL1-3 that’s all.

means club leagues can be finished earlier


The issue there becomes the definition of a county player and how big a panel there is


I think 25-28 is permissible. After that they can play club games.

Something has to give. Championship is not based on league status in dublin


You’d think so but then along comes the u25 hurling in munster :joy: