Team Bonding and all the other things that cost a fortune


Nah I was going to bang on again about the same stuff I always bang on about.


J1s are just a total nonissue in this.


Phew … I thought you said JLS were a non-issue …


Surely you know I’d never engage in such blasphemy Dub?!?!


Again it isn’t championship we’re exclusively talking about. J1s will happen and best of luck to them but league games can be fixed in and around inter county games for the most part to ensure county players play club games


For that to happen clubs are going to have to do without their county players that play dual for their clubs and that’s not going to happen.


just reading that the munster council are bring in a u25 competition in hurling, for which u21s will be eligible … :grin:


What an absolute joke. Surely, the majority of players playing high-level, inter-county hurling are under 25, anyway? Unless it is exclusively for those under 25 and NOT playing senior inter-county championship?


Yea, i think it is replacing intermediate grade but even so, another team those u21 players will be expected to play on and train with, this is the exact opposite of what they need to be doing.

Instead of creating more teams and competitions, they need to go the other way to give the teams (club and county a lot more games. By all means have an u25 grade if you want but u21 panel members should not be allowed on it.


“It’s envisaged that counties’ U21 management will operate the U25 selections, allowing them to run the rule over U21 players, while also giving fringe senior panellists under the age of 25 a run.”




The provincial championships and councils should be done away with- and ultimately they will. It will take years but they will go. Money will decide.


Can’t ever see turkeys voting for Christmas …


brexit? trump? you never know!


Brexit only needed 50% of the vote plus one. Any change, innovative (or otherwise) within the GAA at Congress level requires a 2/3 majority, doesn’t it?


they aren’t because clubs wont play in july with half their players away


Such hyperbole, there’s not a single club in Dublin who lose half their team to J1s


did you look at the walkovers last year - or teams borrowing players from other teams.

Evidently not


Again, this will not apply to league games but no reason the county players can’t play if it is structured properly


Would imagine the number of walk overs from clubs with players on the intercounty panel were very minimal.