Team Bonding and all the other things that cost a fortune


Alan you are being bloody awkward here and deliberately so. Look at the 2017 inter county schedule I posted last night. It is impossible to play club championship in the months February to April because the National Leagues are played then over a period of about 10 weeks leaving no room for club championship games. ( there is also the real problem that clubs knocked out at that stage would be complaining about a long year ahead without championship matches to look forward to).
There are about 4 weeks between the end of the national league and the start of the Leinster championship which could be used to play 2 rounds of hurling and football championship and allow dual players to participate in both.
After that the Dublin Hurling and Football teams are scheduled for alternate weeks from May 28th to mid August (if Dublin get that far). Clubs - yours included- won’t play without their players who are playing inter county in the opposite code. Therefore club championship games cannot be played in the months End of May to August because of the inter county match schedule and not because of your hobby horse - training.


players are not going to be released at the all Ireland quarter final stage. It’s not going to happen. And that’s why I think the CPA will fall flat on it’s face.


My club did play without a footballer this year. A point you conveniently overlook. You also overlook the fact that in the main I am talking about club league games. These are the games inter county players miss. There would be no issue at all there as county boards can make rules as they deem fit. So clubs would have to play league games without players from the opposite code. Simple.


That may well be the case but it is not an impossibility and would not affect the revenue of the gaa


It is an impossibility. It will never happen. Not a chance. If the CPA were smart they’d try and actually win battles that were achievable. On current form they’ll come out with nothing.


But you do admit that it wouldn’t affect the revenue of the gaa at least. It is a decent ambitioun to aim for as the gaa can’t use revenue as a reason or exposure through August and September etc


It increases the possibility of some of the best players getting injured. And you also have to ask does the county player want to play in a mickey mouse AFL league game and run the risk of missing an AI Semi Final

And the player will say no.


I know at least one inter county player who is all in favour of finishing the county scene on the August bank holiday and getting on with club stuff from then on. And he’s unlikely to be the only one.


No doubt - doesn’t mean he wants to play club games afterwards !


It’s exactly what he meant. That’s why he said it.


Players are as likely to get injured in a v b training matches


Or getting out of bed. Or cooking dinner.

If there’s one excuse for players not playing I never want to her again it’s that ‘they might get hurt’.


Mass was always a big one. All that kneeling and bending


I think they’ll take their chances in that environment rather than playing an AFL league game. Its not fair to ask a player to do so either if within a few weeks of a potential AI Final. There is a lot of stuff written that players owe their club everything.

They don’t. While they may spend their formative years there. They spend as much time from 14 up at elite level at county training playing against other elite players and developing their skills to an even higher level. Their clubs also get the benefit of that when they play for them.

As well as the hours that elite players put in on their own.


like the Roscommon team playing pool in the nude :joy:


Yes Alan, stop being naughty and having a different opinion. We should all stop this troublesome questioning and let the people in charge run the show. Jesus wept.


When did our games stop becoming a past time ? Check out Mick O’Connell’s interview on off the boil ?


The Gospel according to Mickey Harte


interesting debate really. Loads of ways to free up the calendar, i wont go through them again but some hard decisions would have to be made and the GAA is too democratic to make hard decisions a lot of the time it seems.


Don’t see many ideas here.

Nothing has addressed the exodus of J1’s to the US every year and clubs won’t play without these players anyway

And please don’t start with the nonsense that a couple of club games is going to keep these lads at home.